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Weekend Dubs Links Roundup: Big Win, Bigger Loss and Andrew Bogut

A weekend look around the web on all news pertaining the Golden State Warriors.

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This is not a welcome sight.
This is not a welcome sight.

As I so eloquently stated above, the Golden State Warriors are 2-1 and heading over to Sacramento looking to win another on on the road. Here are several links that were floating around the internet this weekend.

Because what else is there better to do on a Monday morning that to read about the Warriors:

Warriors 2-1 flash progress report: Early road wins, better defense, stronger rebounding… who are these guys? | Talking Points

Tim Kawakami talks about the surprising start for the Golden State Warriors and its historical trends. Good news?

Game Links #3: Golden State Warriors 114 @ LA Clippers 110 - Rough, tough, and gritty win against Lob City - Golden State Of Mind

After getting thoroughly outplayed by the Memphis Grizzlies and losing Brandon Rush the night before, of course the Warriors come out and beat the Los Angeles Clippers. Not only did they beat a very deep Clipper team—who also crushed the Los Angeles Lakers a night before—but they led most of the game. #4BRush everyone.

Bogut to rest on second of back-to-back games

"If healthy" was the theme coming into this Warriors campaign. And already, issues abound. Brandon Rush's injury, while unfortunate and a killer, can be alleviated with quick development from rookie Harrison Barnes. Andrew Bogut, on the other hand, is irreplaceable. But Stephen Curry is healthy! And more Richard Jefferson!

What to Watch For (Game 3): Warriors’ Brandon Rush Out for the Season; What does Golden State Do Now? - Inside the Warriors - with Marcus Thompson

How are the Warriors going to cover for Brandon Rush's production? Rush was a player that was coming into his own in his second year on the team. But the improved depth brought by free agency can assuage some of the loss. Marcus Thompson explains how the Dubs can remedy the loss.

With Andrew Bogut limited, Warriors' future teeters

More Andrew Bogut news. None of it good. Sam Amick explains why the season hinges not on Stephen Curry's ankle, but Bogut's anything.

Brandon Rush injury: Warriors guard out for season with ACL injury. - Golden State Of Mind

Golden State Of Mind got you covered on everything Brandon Rush. Just don't ever look at another picture of that injury again. Flashbacks of Shaun Livingston still haunting me to this day.

Golden State Warriors Blog And Forum |

Check out how each player was graded by Warriorsworld after Saturday night's thrilling victory.

Can Warriors replace Rush and should they?

Matt Steinmetz of CSNBayArea writes about the financial implications of the Brandon Rush injury and how the Warriors can make up for Brandon Rush's production.

Golden State Warriors' Andris Biedrins battling with confidence - Chris Ballard -

This was written before the season started but I think every Warrior fan should take a look at this. Explains in-depth as to what in the heck happened to Andris Biedrins—the center who had so much promise at a certain point couple years back.

The Warriors' big-time, improbable stand - Truehoop Blog - ESPN

Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN analyzes the play that won the Warriors the game. And it was about defense. Very weird but delightful.

Feel free to share any other links you found of interest from the weekend or this morning in the comments.

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