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Golden State Warriors at Sacramento Kings game thread and links

The Golden State Warriors play their third road game in their first four of the 2012-13 season against the Sacramento Kings tonight at 7:00 p.m. on CSNBA.


After a big win in Los Angeles on Saturday the Golden State Warriors will face the Sacramento Kings with a chance to start the season at 3-1.

We've discussed it all day - this is your game thread.

Pre-game reading material

GSoM preview: On The Road Again (just as sure as you're born)

Q&A with Ziller: How the Kings could beat the Dubs

Weekend Dubs Links Roundup: Warriors 2-1!

With Brandon Rush injured how will Jackson adjust?

Predictions (from Rasputin's preview above)

  • Harrison Barnes scores 15 but is out-rebounded by James Johnson.
  • David Lee gets his shot back - Cousins doesn't.
  • Two double-doubles for the Warriors front line.
  • Warriors get Smart, and win 99-86.

As usual, leave all your thoughts before, during and after the game in the comments.