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Wednesday Morning Links Dump: Latest NBA power rankings, Klay Thompson's defense & Andris Biedrins' minutes

A solid start to the season can get better with a little home-cooking tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers.


In preparation for tonight's home game against the Cleveland Kyrie Irvings (or Cavaliers if you want to get technical), here are your links to read while celebrating(or not) another four years for President Obama:

In a slow news day, let's check out where the experts from across the nation ranked the Golden State Warriors. Check out the top ten. Then keep on scrolling down because our Dubs certainly aren't there.

Matt Steinmetz of CSNBayArea examines the differences and similarities of the two backcourts of Golden State and Cleveland. These two backcourts have a chance to be two of the best in the coming years because of their abilities to shoot, handle and score. Kyrie Irving just lit the Los Angeles Clippers up for 24 points, 10 assists and a game-clinching three over DeAndre Jordan. Dion Waiters looks much better after a subpar showing in Summer League and the preseason. Meanwhile, Stephen Curry hasn't shot well but has played solid defense and stayed healthy. Now if only Klay Thompson had hit that jumper in the final seconds against the Sacramento Kings.

An excellent read from Zach Lowe of Grantland writing about the 5 percent theory in which teams go for the championship even if they aren't as good as the dominant teams in that generation. If you only care about the Warriors, then just scroll all the way down. You won't be disappointed.

Hey, look who's doing well in a new uniform! Drafted with the 18th pick in 2007, he quickly became my favorite player with his overseas highlight tapes. The Italian Stallion we called him. Unfortunately, he never found a groove at Golden State but it's good to see him succeed on a Chicago Bulls team that will need all the help they can get before Derrick Rose comes back.

Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated writes about players that need more minutes. Hint: there is an extremely overpaid big man from the Golden State Warriors not named David Lee in there. And I'd actually tend to agree with him. With Andrew Bogut sitting out the latter end of back-to-backs, I do want to see what Biedrins has got left. Really hope the 7-footer has some juice and confidence left in him. Being benched obviously doesn't help the confidence matter.

I'll leave you with a picture of Carl Landry apparently watering grass, straight from Coach Mark Jackson's twitter account. Umm yeah. Your 2012-13 Golden State Warriors.

Happy Wednesday everyone!