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Golden State Warriors vs. Indiana Pacers preview: WOOOOOOO! Feeling good, feeling great in the Bay!

We're back at it on a chilly Saturday evening in Golden State as the Indiana Pacers come to town. It's all smiles in the locker room after Thursdays thrilling victory over Denver. Our Dubs got the crowd, the energy, the motivation and our newly nicknamed WCW to capture another win tonight!

WOOOOOO! Warriors Basketball!
WOOOOOO! Warriors Basketball!
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7:30pm PT

Oracle Arena

NBA TV/CSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680

Blog Buddy:

Folks around town are saying "The 9-6 Warriors!!!" That's got a really nice ring to it.

Thursday night's game against the Nuggets was something else. After 2 losses against Denver, Thursday's win was bitter sweet. I had the opportunity to go to that home game and I passed on what had to be a really stressful yet exciting game!

Next up: The Pacers are in town - this is gonna be a good game!

How the Warriors can get it done:

- While Thursday's victory was not an easy task, the locker room's got that winning mentality and a record that actually shows! Just play smart and get contributions from key players, it can work to our advantage. Stephen Curry dropped 20 points while David Lee had a season high 31 points and Klay Thompson added 21 points... keep it going fellas!

- Indiana has been averaging under 100 points the past few games. If we can cash in on their turnovers, make our shots and out hustle the Pacers, it can be another W for our Dubs.

- Defense... from everybody! Make Indiana earn those points or disrupt their tempo, we got the man power to do it. On their end, the Pacers rank at the top in defense, again - play smart Warriors!

What we're up against:

- The Pacers are coming to the Oracle Arena with a 2 game win streak out here in California against the Lakers (low scoring game) and the Kings. Their mindset has gotta be to simply win all 3 Cali games.

- Indiana's leading scorers have been George Hill and David West. They're going to keep our hands full tonight.

- Pacers defense ranks among the NBAs best right now.

- Danny Granger is out. (sore left knee)

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