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Game Links #23: Golden State Warriors 85 @ Orlando Magic 99 - Revenge is a dish best served when you actually show up to cook something

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Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: Warriors take a nap, drop to 5-1 on road trip
Game thread: Golden State Warriors @ Orlando Magic: Community live blog 6 in a row! (900+ comments)
Preview: Golden State Warriors @ Orlando Magic: We got 5 on it, but want 6!

Magic: Orlando Pinstriped Post
Recap: Magic 99, Warriors 85: Orlando's threes and defense end Golden State's win streak
Game thread: Magic vs. Warriors game time, TV schedule, and more
Preview: Magic vs. Warriors: Golden State visits, looking to avenge recent defeat


Associated Press: Magic hit 9 3-pointers, hold off Warriors 99-85 | Photo Gallery
Sports Network: Magic cool off Warriors
Jimmy Spencer: Instant Replay: Warriors' streak ends in Orlando
Rusty Simmons: Road Warriors hit the wall in Orlando
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors' win streak ends at five with 99-85 loss to Orlando Magic

Thu, Dec 13

- Notes from Thursday's practice.
Rusty Simmons: GS Warriors: Thursday practice — ‘Win and rest,’ handling success, All-Star voting
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors still feel need to prove themselves

- After beating the Heat, the upcoming tough stretch doesn't feel quite as tough.
Mike Kreuser: W's schedule a call for optimism?

- We, the fans, aren't doing enough voting to get Stephen Curry and David Lee up higher in the ballots.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors Fans Forfeit The Right to Complain About All-Star Selections

- All sorts of buzz around the Internet from the Warriors win over Miami.
Jon Becker: How the Warriors shocked the Miami Heat

- Mark Jackson finds ways to keep the Warriors playing with a chip on their shoulder.
Rusty Simmons: Jackson keeps Warriors chipping away

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
8:03 min: 95.7 FM: Rick Barry on The Rise Guys
11:37 min: KNBR: Mark Jackson on Murph and Mac
19:38 min: KNBR: Bob Myers with Gary and Larry
12:57 min: KNBR: Marc Spears with Rod Brooks and Kevin Lynch
8:28 min: 95.7 FM: David Lee on The Drive
15:52 min: KNBR: Mark Jackson with Tolbert and Ratto

Podcast (12/13/12) - Roundtable ft. Harrison Barnes, Kent Bazemore, Bob Myers & More by Warriors
This week's Warriors Weekly Roundtable.

Warriors TV at the optional morning shootaround before the Warriors head to Orlando.

The last play of the Heat game, with a little telestrating.

Warriors TV introduces equipment/travel manager Eric Housen.

Marc Spears on CSN about the Warriors.

Pregame News

- Notes from morning shootaround.
Rusty Simmons: GS Warriors: Friday shootaround — Thank you, Orlando

- MT2 held an online chat for his legions of followers.
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors live chat, Friday at 1 p.m.

- Previews of the game.
Jimmy Spencer: Hitting the boards key for Warriors to beat Magic

Pregame Videos

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
8:42 min: 95.7 FM: Tim Roye on the Rise Guys
10:36 min: 95.7 FM: Charles Barkley and Jason Kidd on The Drive

Warriors TV at morning shootaround.

Postgame News

- No postgame news.

Postgame Videos

Mark Jackson in the hallway.

CSN highlights of David Lee.

CSN highlights, recap.

CSN Postgame Saint Estrator.

Warriors TV game wrap.

Highlights by Blaiyan.

Recap and highlights from's game page:
Sweet Pass
Warriors vs. Magic - First half
Warriors vs. Magic

Postgame Quotes and Stuff from recap

Photo Gallery

Warriors at Magic: Postgame Interviews (12/14/12) by Warriors
Mark Jackson
On winning streak being bracketed by losses to the Magic:
"They played well. Give them credit."

On road trip performance thus far:
"One thing we didn’t expect, we didn’t expect to go undefeated the rest of the way in. We’ve had a great run. This team beat us tonight. We made some mistakes. We missed some shots. We missed some assignments. They key is for us not to allow a loss to take us back to where we once were. I have total confidence in this group that we will continue to make strides to being the team that we’ve been. Our identity will be in the last five games, and not tonight. We take it and we move on."

On whether he felt the bench was waiting for a spark:
"Yeah. It was one of those nights where we were expecting a run. A run of stops, a run of scores and it never happened. Give them credit. They made shots, they made plays, their bench was off the charts. We never got into a danger zone where we felt like the game was ours. They were in control. They’re a well-coached, energetic, hard-playing basketball team."

On atmosphere in locker room postgame:
"We’re not front runners and we’re not going to start pointing fingers, making excuses. Hey, we lost. It happens. The teams that are the top teams in this league bounce back. They own it and they move forward, and that’s exactly what we plan on doing."

On whether Orlando did something to take away their shot:
"We got some good looks, just missed some shots. But more importantly those guys made plays, they made shots. I thought we were once again a step slow. When we are at our best we are in sync, we’re in rhythm, moving where the ball is going, contesting shots, sealing the deal with rebounds. Tonight it just wasn’t there."

On Orlando's performance:
"Give them credit. They do a good job playing pick and roll basketball. They do a great job flying off screens, and they’re big guys both times have hurt us. I wouldn’t say it’s something about that team. It’s something about that team on the two nights we’ve faced them that gave us problems."
Stephen Curry
On tonight's game:
“We came into this game with a sense of urgency knowing that they came into our place less than two weeks ago and got a win. I don’t know exactly how to stop them. They run their plays hard. They are a hard working group for 48 minutes. They made a lot of big shots and we tried to claw our way back but couldn’t get over the hump. Thankfully we don’t have to play them again.”

“We like the feeling of winning especially on the road. It makes the trip a little shorter when you are enjoying yourself and playing well. You want to have that feeling the rest of the way. We had that opportunity to keep that train moving but kind of hit a bump tonight. We have another opportunity tomorrow night to beat Atlanta on the road. It was a frustrating night.”

“In the first half, we hadn’t shot that bad in awhile. We got some decent looks and got into the paint and they were meeting us at the rim. We couldn’t find the basket from inside or out and they got that early lead. In the third quarter when we were getting on a roll, we gave up too many open threes and especially at home they are going to knock those down. They have great shooters. We just didn’t have it.”

“We still have done some great things (during road trip). We are 5-1. I am pretty sure no one thought we would be that going into the road trip. We have an opportunity to go 6-1 (tomorrow at Atlanta) and be away from home for this long…you have to call that a success. I think we are in a position now that we have played well for a consistent amount of time and shown up on most nights that this loss won’t hamper how we come out tomorrow. It will be a quick turnaround. We are a mature team now and I think we can put this behind us and compete tomorrow and see what happens.”
David Lee
On tonight's game:
“They just outplayed us two games. You have to give them credit because they hit shots tonight. They did another good job. Redick played well as did Afflalo. On the inside, Vucevic rebounded the ball well again. We just didn’t come out and play our best tonight.”

“They are not really known too much as a shot blocking team. Nicholson had a couple there and Harkless had a couple there. They did a good job protecting the paint tonight and we struggled offensively shooting the basketball. We didn’t have our best night and we will bounce back. We are excited to be able to play tomorrow.”

“It felt like we were getting solid shots and they just weren’t going down. That is part of playing on the road. Some nights you aren’t going to have good shooting nights, but those are the times you have to dominate the glass and play better defense than we did tonight.”

“We were excited to go on this road trip to prove ourselves. We didn’t quite expect to find ourselves at 5-0. We are going to keep grinding each game and this makes tomorrow’s game even a bigger one.”

Interesting Tweets
gswscribe: Jarrett Jack puts Warriors' loss in perspective. He talks Magic's dominance, the South Beach factor, team chemistry

Q: Something about Orlando?
A: "You know what is very interesting about that, they’re almost a carbon copy of us. You know, if you go make-up of the team. They can play inside ... Then on the perimeter thetv’e got a number of guys who can contribute ... They’re a really good team, especially if they’re making shots. And that’s one thing they were doing throughout the course of the game and we struggled.

Q: Was this loss due to being in Miami too long?

A: "That had nothing to do with anything. What does it matter? The last time we played them we were at home. So what can people say about that? What if we were in some other, less-desirable place, so to speak? We are a team of focus, a team full of professionals that approach the game like we’re supposed to — prior and after. We do the necessary things to get us ready. No excuses. No explanations. They came out and were the better team. Period and point blank."

Q: Can a game like this be expected on long road trip?

A: "No. We can’t say we go in, let’s just get one. We go in with the mindset that we’re going to try to get every single game. We want to try and be a greedy team. We don’t want to get three and give away one. Especially with the parity in the Western Conference, you can’t do that. You’ve got to get as many games as we can. We’re not that type of ballclub that can say, ‘Ahhh, let’s just take this one easy and let’s go on another five-in-a-row run.’ No. You can’t live like that in this NBA. It’s a cruel league. Hopefully we’ll be able to bounce back tomorrow. Like I told my rooks, this is the best thing about the league. You’ve got a chance to get the taste out of your mouth in less than 24 hours. Hopefully we get it back in Atlanta."

Q: When you cut it to 9 in the fourth, did you think, 'here goes our run'?

A: "The whole ting you preach is ‘let’s just get it to 10.’ One possession at a time, and if you get it to 10 we can start getting it to single digits and making our move. We weren’t able to do that. ... I’m proud of the guys though. We could’ve been a team that came in here and said, ‘They’re hitting shots. Let’s just fold the tent.’ You know what I mean? One through 15 kept fighting, and that’s the character, the make-up, of a really good team ... Are you willing to rally around one another when things aren’t going your way? When the game isn’t pretty at all? When you’ve got to muster some type of energy from somewhere? .... I thought that’s what we did."


- No interesting notes tonight.

What's next?

- We played Curry + Lee 40+ minutes, and we still have the Hawks tomorrow. Well, a 5-2 road trip will still be nice.

Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Sat Dec 15 4:00 PM @Hawks CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Tue Dec 18 7:30 PM Hornets CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Wed Dec 19 7:00 PM @Kings CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Fri Dec 21 7:30 PM Bobcats CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Sat Dec 22 7:30 PM Lakers CSNBayHD KNBR 680

Full broadcast schedule at


- Haven't had to fill out this section in a while.

TNT's Inside the NBA breaks down a JaVale McGee play.

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