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Golden State Warriors 115, LA Lakers 118 OT Recap: Close, but not close enough

This should've been the most enjoyable recap of the season.

Ezra Shaw

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Final Box Score

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These are honestly the toughest recaps to write. Instead of writing about a thrilling win against the evil LA Fakers, I have to write about how the Warriors let one slip away. I was really hoping to be able to use "BEAT LA" as the subtitle and theme, but that didn't go quite according to plan thanks to a horrendous 14 point collapse in the 4th quarter and some typical Kobe Bryant heroics.

Well someone's got to clean up the glass, so here goes:

Laker Thoughts

  • The Dwightmare: I'd rate Dwight Howard as a top 3-5 player in the entire in the association. His defensive and rebounding presence can't be denied and his offense, though as raw as it is, is still good enough for 20 ppg. Something just ain't right with Dwight in LA though. This was a game he should've dominated. Instead he looked like rookie Festus Ezeli's equal for most of the 1st half.
  • Kobe's Still Putting in Work: At age 34, Kobe Bryant looks incredible. He took over the game last night down the stretch and is a huge reason the Lakers made a big comeback on the road. 41 field goal attempts is worrisome, but he did step up and made it happen.
  • Ron Artest Still Has It: The Warriors did a great job containing Dwight and Pau Gasol. The problem is Artest stepped up and outplayed his two 7 foot frontcourt-mates. With his shot falling from downtown, Artest was a very dangerous weapon off the Laker bench. Without Artest's 20-5-3, a pick, and a rejection off the bench, the Lakers don't steal this one.

Warrior Wrap Up

  • Coaching Confusion: At 18-10 with a road-heavy schedule it's really hard to complain about how this Warriors season is going thus far. However, dropping a 14 point game at home with all the momentum in the world, Jarrett Jack ON FIRE, and the Laker struggles/ drama doesn't inspire confidence. The Warriors got complacent and sloppy on offense and soft on D at the wrong time.
  • Festive and Then Not So Festive: This was my first game watching Ezeli in person. He was absolutely fantastic in the first quarter. Festus brought high energy hustle and defense. He was a defensive monster and actually outplaying Dwight. Adonal Foyle 2.0! But then the turnovers happened... and happened... and happened... and then on the final Warriors possession in OT happened again. Festus has the potential to have a nice, long NBA career as a starting defensive oriented center, but he has to work hard handling the ball otherwise he'll be Adonal Foyle 1.0/ Erik Dampier.
  • David Lee Delivering as Usual: Lee chipped in 20 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 assists against the big, bad Laker front line and it doesn't surprise anyone. It's pretty much expected at this point. That's All Star caliber dependability.
  • Steph Struggles: Stephen Curry struggled shooting, but he chipped in on the glass with 7 rebounds and on defense with 4 steals. It wasn't his night, but did a great job stepping aside and letting the Warrior Wonder (see below) do his thing.
  • Draymond Green Sub 30% FG on the Season: I want to believe, but right now I'm just not. A trip down to the D-League sounds like a good idea.
  • Missing Starter: Would the Warriors have won this one if they had Andrew Bogut 80% healthy? I think so.


Red hot 13 for 19 shooting to get 29 points and 11 dimes with only 1 turnover will get you the Warrior Wonder any night. Jarrett Jack was en fuego and made some great decisions with the rock in his hands. He is the best back up point guard the Warriors have had in the past 20 years.

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