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Recap: GS Warriors play Utah Jazz, 94-83

Stephen Curry goes for 23 points and eight rebounds, David Lee for 18 and nine. But it was a season-high 12 boards from Andris Biedrins that drew the attention tonight.


Final Box Score

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Golden State matches up really well with Utah - which is kind of unexpected, but true. Paul and David are always a fun matchup both ways, and we now have people to keep Jefferson and Kanter occupied. We have a solid advantage at the guard positions - especially tonight, of course. A 53-8 scoring advantage, using the top three guards on each team. Or we could say it was just the 38-0 "point guard advantage". However you slice it, the Warriors played to their strengths tonight, and the Jazz couldn't come close to keeping up, let alone catching up, until garbage time.

Nothing was really bad tonight except the shooting - and even that was better than the competition. Definitely still some slop being played, but the turnovers were under control. While a few defensive assignments got blown the rotations were generally clean and crisp. The rebounding was solid, despite the Dubs being out-rebounded - that only happened in garbage time.

What struck me (again) is that this team is still nowhere near its ceiling.

If you asked me "Are the dubs this good?", I'd have to say that I honestly think they've just begun to scratch their existing potential. They're inconsistent, still, but it doesn't feel like they are playing over their heads. They know what they mean by "Warrior Basketball". They're still getting better at execution, at defensive rotations, at decision making. They're forcing shot-clock violations regularly, and it seems like more frequently.

This team is unusually versatile. It has a lot of moving pieces to it, and they're still finding the fit, in some cases. The Dubs can and do play winning basketball with a traditional center, and with a nearly-positionless lineup. ( I don't know what else you'd call a lineup with 2 "point guards", 2 "power forwards", and Draymond Green, except successful.)

Eventually, the Warriors are bound to hit a bad streak longer than two losses. If there is anything to the idea that this is an "unproven team", that reality is the heart of it. The view from here and now is that the players have proven they have the capacity to play extremely good basketball, brilliant basketball, on both ends of the court. The question is how they will deal with that adversity, when it comes.

The next few weeks will help illuminate that question, but for now it's good to enjoy it.


David Lee's 20+ streak ended, and he had a relatively quiet night. If 18/9/2 with a steal and a block is quiet. Jarrett Jack continued his hot shooting while Carl Landry was relatively cold. It would be nice if Draymond shot better than .333, though that IS above his average. The team went .500 from three-point range, solidifying its position as the top distance shooting team over the last 15 games.

Warriors Wonder


Is there any question? I can only echo Jarrett Jack, David Lee, and the CSNBayArea broadcast team. Andris Biedrins had an excellent game tonight. In limited minutes this year, he's quietly been having a solid rebounding year. Tonight he hit his seasonal reb/36 average... in 19 minutes. His defense was exceptional.


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