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Golden State Warriors vs. Orlando Magic preview: Welcome to the New Warriors Order!

It definitely feels like a new era of Warriors basketball right now. The organization, our team and its fans are feeling the positive vibes & energy. At 10-6, Golden State is on top of their game and with the Orlando Magic coming to town, the Dubs skills are put to the test with the opportunity to take another win.

Enter a new age of Warriors basketball! "nWo: new warriors Order!" Parody design by Tony.psd & GSoM (not for resale)
Enter a new age of Warriors basketball! "nWo: new warriors Order!" Parody design by Tony.psd & GSoM (not for resale)

Tip-off: 7:30pm PT

Where: Oracle Arena

TV: NBA TV/CSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680

Whew - what a game!

Saturday night's match up against the Indiana Pacers was my first game preview prediction victory! (I'm 1-3, lol) As my last game preview vs. Indiana mentioned, we needed to either control the tempo or outscore our opponent and we did both! So many positives came out of that game. Starters did their thing. The "Dubstitutes" came up and put numbers on the board. The crowd went bananas! What a great way to spend a Saturday evening!

The Orlando Magic is coming to town:

  • After last nights incredible performance in defeating the L.A. Lakers and denying their former teammate Dwight Howard a win, the Magic started off their long 6 game road trip with a victory after losing 3 straight games. Racking in losses is not a pretty picture. Last nights win was pretty hype!
  • Arron Afflalo (30 points) and Glen Davis (23 points) were the Magics leading scorer's last night with J.J. Redick dropping 14 points off the bench, securing a win for their team.
  • Orlando's coming to the Oracle Arena with a few injuries. No Al Harrington or Hedo Turkoglu. The Magic have started over 8 different lineups. A similar story for us in past seasons. Note, looks like Jameer Nelson is playing (racked in 19 points last night vs. LA).

How the Warriors can get it done:

  • No disrespect to Orlando, at 6-10 this is a team rebuilding. For us, we gotta capitalize and get another win. I've said it before, The Dubs get no easy breaks. We could go out losing this one unless our cards fall in the right place. Winning games we know we can win is the key! (pretty sure LA said that last night)
  • Take control of the 3rd and 4th quarter stretch. If we're down, hopefully it won't be too much to catch up. Our starters need to come up big. (hopefully a highlight night for some Dubs)
  • Stay aggressive defensively and make our shots.
  • Big contributions from our bench Jack, Laundry & Ezeli to name a few.

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