Lessons Learned from the Linsanity

With all this Linsanity going on in the Madison Square Garden, I sure hope the Warriors Front Office is taking notes.

This post isn't about how shortsighted we were in letting Lin go. How we cut loose his NBA minimum salary in the hopes of overspending it on Deandre Jordan. How we never had a shot at signing Deandre Jordan anyway (thank god). No, this post isn't about that. There's more to be learned from this.

What I want the Warriors to learn from this is that Knicks are winning games in the NBA without their overpaid ballhogs, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire. They're winning without Carmelo's 25 ppg and without Amare's double-doubles. And, in this same NBA, we're scared to death of losing Monta's 20ppg. Hell, we're deathly afraid of using the amnesty on Andris Biedrins. Andris Biedrins.

The Knicks are winning by playing as a team, sharing the ball, and making smart decisions. Jeremy Lin's smart play has become contagious throughout the team.

My point is this: If we lose a guy like Monta Ellis, or David Lee, or Andris Biedrins - the world is not going to end.

We will continue on and we may even start playing better. Let's not be afraid of making moves that'll make ourselves a better basketball team. Monta's scoring can be replaced. David Lee's double-doubles can be replaced. Andris' salary can be replaced.

Sometimes it's addition by subtraction. What we're doing isn't working. I hope we recognize that.

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