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Golden State Warriors second half schedule will be vicious, brutal, grueling, unforgiving, relentless, torturous, and exhausting.

We know that the Warriors will start the 2nd half of the season with a 5 game in 7 night road trip in the Eastern Conference. But what comes after the road trip? I took a look at the Warriors schedule to see what comes after the road trip in mid-March. I saw a back-to-back... and another back-to-back... and then another back-to-back... and then another! That's way more back-to-backs then we've seen in the 1st half.

So I made a table of the Warriors 1st half and 2nd half schedules, and I highlighted all the back-to-back games. And the result weren't pretty. In fact, the 2nd half is going to suck for the Warriors compared to the 1st half. Make the jump to see the schedules.

Warriors schedule, first half of the season

Yellow = Played the night before, fatigue is a factor.
Brown = Played the night before, AND had to travel, so even more likely to be fatigued.

Day Date Opponent
Sun Dec 25 Clippers
Mon Dec 26 Bulls
Wed Dec 28 Knicks
Sat Dec 31 76ers
Mon Jan 02 @Suns
Wed Jan 04 @Spurs
Fri Jan 06 @Lakers
Sat Jan 07 Jazz
Tue Jan 10 Heat
Thu Jan 12 Magic
Sat Jan 14 @Bobcats
Sun Jan 15 @Pistons
Tue Jan 17 @Cavaliers
Wed Jan 18 @Nets
Fri Jan 20 Pacers
Mon Jan 23 Grizzlies
Wed Jan 25 Trail Blazers
Fri Jan 27 Thunder
Tue Jan 31 Kings
Thu Feb 02 Jazz
Sat Feb 04 @Kings
Tue Feb 07 Thunder
Thu Feb 09 @Nuggets
Sun Feb 12 Rockets
Mon Feb 13 Suns
Wed Feb 15 Trail Blazers
Fri Feb 17 @Thunder
Sat Feb 18 @Grizzlies
Mon Feb 20 Clippers
Wed Feb 22 @Suns

Warriors schedule, second half of the season

Yellow = Played the night before, fatigue is a factor.
Brown = Played the night before, AND had to travel, so even more likely to be fatigued.

Day Date Opponent
Tue Feb 28 @Pacers
Wed Feb 29 @Hawks
Fri Mar 02 @76ers
Sun Mar 04 @Raptors
Mon Mar 05 @Wizards
Wed Mar 07 Grizzlies
Sat Mar 10 Mavericks
Sun Mar 11 @Clippers
Tue Mar 13 @Kings
Wed Mar 14 Celtics
Fri Mar 16 Bucks
Sat Mar 17 @Jazz
Mon Mar 19 Timberwolves
Wed Mar 21 @Hornets
Thu Mar 22 @Rockets
Sat Mar 24 Kings
Sun Mar 25 @Trail Blazers
Tue Mar 27 Lakers
Wed Mar 28 Hornets
Fri Mar 30 Nets
Sun Apr 01 @Lakers
Tue Apr 03 @Grizzlies
Wed Apr 04 @Timberwolves
Fri Apr 06 @Jazz
Sat Apr 07 Nuggets
Mon Apr 09 @Nuggets
Wed Apr 11 @Trail Blazers
Thu Apr 12 Mavericks
Sat Apr 14 @Clippers
Mon Apr 16 Spurs
Wed Apr 18 Lakers
Fri Apr 20 @Mavericks
Sat Apr 21 @Rockets
Sun Apr 22 @Timberwolves
Tue Apr 24 Hornets
Thu Apr 26 Spurs

Analysis: You don't even need to count. You can visually see from all the highlighted rows that the Warriors are going to get pounded with a lot more travel and a lot more games next month. But if you do want to count, here's what we have coming: 5 games in 7 nights road trip, 6 games in 8 nights, then another 6 games in 8 nights. Then in April, we have a 4 games in 5 nights (or 7 games in 10 nights if you want to include the next back-to-back) and the back-to-back-to-back. Ugh. That's the price we pay for all those days off and home games in late-January and February.

Playoffs: Yes, we've been playing better in recent games. Yes, we've been close and "right there" in most of them. But we've also had the benefit of a lot of home games and a lot of rest. All those close games will be that much harder to win when the Warriors have to battle their own fatigue along with the opposing defenses. Playoffs? Playoffs?!?!?!? Yeah, right.

Tank!: If there was ever a reason (or excuse) for Jerry West/Larry Riley/Joe Lacob/front office to want to tank and keep this draft pick without looking like we're tanking, this is it. They can say that they're playing the young players more minutes in order to "give the vets a rest". Just make sure to give the young players vets lots of minutes rest, because we want to compete for that higher draft pick 8th playoff spot. *Cough cough*

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