Why Golden State Has A Chance At Dwight Howard

I've been known throughout the years to spew a lot of negativity on this website. What can I say? The Warriors have made poor decision after poor decision and any astute GSW fan can see the train wrecks coming from a mile away.

However, I do see light at the end of the tunnel. We will have a shot at acquiring Dwight Howard during this year's trade deadline. Whether or not Dwight will be willing to re-sign with us is another issue. But I do think we have a shot at trading for him. Click past the jump to hear why.

What Dwight Wants

Dwight's in the athletic prime of his career. He's gained the accolades, reached global marketing superstardom, put up the gaudy stat lines, done the Super Man thing, and established himself as the franchise big man of the league. I'm sure he's starting to realize that he hasn't won anything yet. Similar to Lebron James, I believe this is what Dwight wants most next - to WIN.

So Dwight and his camp get together and start to brainstorm: Taking into account what it would cost teams to get him there, where does Dwight have the best shot at winning?

If Dwight waits to hit free agency, he can sign straight up with the Nets and form the new big three of Brooklyn: Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, and Dwight Howard. I believe this is the ultimate and ideal situation for Dwight next year. I think he knows this. I think Orlando knows this.

What Orlando Wants

I believe Orlando's brain trust should be smart enough to figure this out. The contenders trying to trade for Dwight would have to give up too much talent to get him. Any situation Dwight ends up in via trade probably wouldn't be any better than the situation he's in right now with Orlando. Any contender would not be willing to trade so much talent away and take themselves out of contention long term knowing that Dwight will most likely sign with the Nets in free agency.

This is why a contender won't trade for Dwight.

Orlando knows that Howard's ideal situation is to leave and sign with the Nets next offseason. In this situation, the Magic gain nothing. They're trying to get something out of this whole thing. They need to keep filling the seats. They need something in return for losing Dwight.

What Golden State Wants

Enter the Warriors. Our dear, hopeless and desperate Warriors. We're the only team who's made it publicly and blatantly clear that we will trade the whole farm for Dwight Howard even if he leaves. And we're absolutely genius for being so loud about it.

We have players to offer Orlando who will absolutely fill the seats. Our guys can wow the crowd, put points on the board, and forever keep the fan base in limbo. It's what they do best.

We're one of the only teams so bad and so desperate that we will trade everybody just for a two-month Dwight Howard rental. Our front office is making this crystal clear because this is the only type of trading partner Orlando can benefit from.

Why It's A Good Idea

The NBA talent landscape is always changing. If you have the game's best big man on your team, you're typically in a better position than without him. Even if he leaves in free agency, we go right back to filling our roster with D-Leaguers and winning our usual 20-30 games anyway (and also have tremendous salary cap space to experiment with.) Or we get lucky and Dwight wants to stay and be part of a resurgence. Or he decides he wants to make the absolute max salary and demands a sign-and-trade, where we could trade him for a boatload of talent.

We can't foresee all the great possibilities that could happen next offseason. However, they'd all stem from the fact that he's here on our roster. It's certainly a risk worth us taking. I'm tired of perpetual mediocrity.

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