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Probably the most comprehensive scouting report ever published on Jeremy Lin (12/15/09)

Could there be a bigger destination for The Jeremy Lin Show than the NBA? Well, actually...
Could there be a bigger destination for The Jeremy Lin Show than the NBA? Well, actually...

Even to me, it's amazing that "The Jeremy Lin Show" has reached the NBA level (more on the origins of that phrase in a future blogpost). But not all of this is coming out of thin air. Yes, Jeremy has actually done this before, on a fairly consistent basis. Why didn't anyone think it was translatable to the NBA? That's a question that has a complex answer and is also probably worth a separate post.

Following up on Atma's fanshot, here's the link to the original "most comprehensive" scouting report, and if you want my brief take on it now looking back, hit the jump...

Could I possibly go out on a limb again? Haha, sure. You only live once! Here you go:

Next stop for The Jeremy Lin Show: the Olympics. Why not? You never thought it was possible to reach the NBA despite what he did at Paly or Harvard. Why not for Team USA? You heard it here first.

Re-reading the B-o-w to the Jeremy Lin Movement article as referenced before the jump, it's just crazy all the little nuances I have forgotten about Jeremy Lin. So it's not like he's pulling these last three games with the Knicks out of thin air. The only things I would've changed about this article I wrote in 2009 are...

  1. So that it wouldn't be mistaken as a metric for drafting a player, explain that the dunk stats were more a rebuttal to all the people including Draft pundits who were telling me that Jeremy wasn't "athletic", and

  2. Emphasize that I went over the top on the hype because NO ONE EXCEPT ME was taking Jeremy seriously as an NBA draft pick. No one. Not Jonathan Givony, not Tommy Amaker, not Peter Diepenbrock, not ex-AAU coach Jim Sutter, not his mom, not his dad, not his brothers, not even himself.

And yet, I had the evidence right there before me telling me otherwise. The reason the other people never had that aha moment that this could be translated to the NBA was that they didn't have the context or the precedent to do so.

I did. It was called Vegas Summer League. No, I don't mean that particular game in which Jeremy went off on John Wall. I mean Summer League, in general. I'd seen enough of the caliber of play at that level -- and, not to mention, the many, many, many rec league games and national tournaments for amateurs that I've done being the founder of Dream League (way way more than 10,000 hours, in case you're a reader of Malcolm Gladwell) -- to put what Jeremy was doing into some context. I suppose that's worth yet another blogpost, too.

While the road was rocky, Jeremy had his own way and was determined to make it to where he is now, based on meritocracy. I was never convinced that meritocracy was enough in American society. Now, even I've been proven wrong by him. But that's another blogpost (stay tuned)...

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