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This could all be wrong in a few hours, but are the Warriors and Magic on the verge of a trade?

First, we have this story that said the Magic turned down a Howard for Monta/Lee deal (kudos to California KID for posting the FanShot):

The Warriors got nowhere when they recently tried to get Dwight Howard in a deal. A Warrior executive said the Magic turned down Monta Ellis and David Lee, with Orlando telling the Warriors it will only move Howard by Thursday’s trading deadline if it can get a "major player" in return. The only thing major about Ellis and Lee are their bloated contracts, with each pocketing about $11 million this season. It was a double setback for the Warriors, who know they won’t be able to get Howard this summer if he becomes a free agent. They thought they had a shot to sign him long term with Jerry West, now a Warrior consultant for owner Joe Lacob . Read more: Read more:

Ok, so that's pretty negative. But then a couple interesting tweets (and re-tweets) from @MisterRudolph:

I will say this, if I was forced to pick a team the Magic deal w/ I'd put my money on the Warriors. That would be where I'd expect a deal
3/12/12 1:31 PM

League sources have told me a Dwight Howard trade is not coming. Magic on the verge of blockbuster deal.
3/12/12 2:09 PM

Now, to be honest, I don't follow this guy, but his messages have been re-tweeted by other NBA "insiders" that I do follow. Otherwise, I wouldn't even bother with this. Could it be that Monta is involved in a deal that doesn't bring back Howard? Maybe there's a 3-way trade about to go down?

I'll throw out a trade possibility (WORKS IN TRADE MACHINE):

Warriors get: Ryan Anderson, Hedo Turkoglu, JJ Redick and ORL's 2012 first-round pick

Orlando gets: Monta Ellis and David Lee


If GSW can somehow get Reddick and Ryan Anderson for Monta (plus filler) that's a great trade. Reddick is undervalued, so is Anderson
3/12/12 5:13 PM

I also don't buy the whole Ryan Anderson is a product of playing with Dwight - Dwight makes everyone better, but Anderson can play
3/12/12 5:13 PM

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