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Game Thread #39: Golden State Warriors @ Sacramento Kings - No more Monta Ellis, no more Ekpe Udoh.


Thanks for all the highlights, Monta Ellis. Play in peace, bro.

The last two times we faced the Kings, our starters sucked, but our bench shined. With the reports of Monta + Udoh + Kwame being traded, I now have no idea what lineup we'll have tonight. If the trade is official, I assume Monta and Udoh will NOT play, so we won't have our best offensive threat and our best defensive threat for tonight, and our bench will fill in for these two, so we won't have a bench threat either. Plus we don't know how many minutes Stephen Curry can play tonight with that ankle.

So basically, we got NOTHING tonight! Enjoy the nothingness!

Interesting tweets

I wrote the above paragraphs before I read these tweets. Anyway, observations from MT2 and Rusty:

(before the game)
gswscribe: A team source confirmed the Warriors have dealt Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, Kwame Brown to Bucks for Bogut and Stephen Jax
gswscribe: Ekpe Udoh in the locker room smiling at TV as news of report breaks
gswscribe: Warriors having a close door meeting. Monta Ellis is talking
gswscribe: Said one Warriors player: "So we're just giving up on the season?"
gswscribe: Monta Ellis: "It's not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all."

Rusty_SFChron: Warriors coach Mark Jackson offered "no comment" on Bogut-Ellis deal.
Rusty_SFChron: Warriors wait 10 minutes past league-mandated open locker room time and then clear it out as media enters.
Rusty_SFChron: Monta Ellis is addressing the team, saying his goodbyes in a closed-door session.
Rusty_SFChron: Ekpe Udoh says he hasn't been informed of a trade. "I've got 80 minutes to find out."
Rusty_SFChron: Lots of head shaking among Warriors players. Steph Curry just walked over to a solo Udoh and hugged him.
Rusty_SFChron: One Warriors player said: "If we're giving up, I can feel my hip hurting already."
Rusty_SFChron: Dorell Wright, "I'll talk about the game. I'm not talking about the trade crap."
Rusty_SFChron: Monta Ellis will address media in 10 minutes.
Rusty_SFChron: Monta Ellis looked as happy as he has in years while addressing the media about being traded to Milwaukee.
Rusty_SFChron: Ellis offered this gem, "I knew they weren't going to trade me to a playoff team."

gumbyhighlights: most of my videos now will likely be Biedrins low-lights, LOL!

Onward with the game. Cute little story: The Sacramento Kings starting point guard is currently Isaiah Thomas. Without looking, guess what draft spot he was taken in last summer's 2011 draft, if at all. Make the jump for the answer.

Answer: He was taken #60, dead last! When there was only one draft pick left, and most of the audience had left, and the janitors were ready to clean up the room, Isaiah Thomas got picked by the Kings. And now he's their starting point guard, and apparently playing decently well. Cute story.

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