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Polling GSoM: Trade Winner? Golden State Warriors get Andrew Bogut + Stephen Jackson (?!), Milwaukee Bucks get Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, and Kwame Brown


I wonder if these guys are happy about the trade. Are you?

Don't forget to check out the Milwaukee Bucks fandom perspective over at the fantastic Brew Hoop.

Let's focus on some quick positives for both teams after the jump!

Wins for Golden State Warriors

  • Andrew Bogut is the best center this franchise has had seen since... since... Wilt Chamberlain! (I'm only slightly joking.)
  • The last time the Warriors traded for Stephen Jackson in the middle of a season... WE BELIEVE happened!
  • Monta Ellis' Moped Gate and Text Gate are soon to be a part of the distant past.
  • Stephen Curry (if he ever gets healthy) can finally shine.
  • The organization doesn't have to keep spouting PR nonsense every year after Monta Ellis (rightfully) misses the cut for the All-Star team, while playing for a losing team.
  • If Stephen Jackson is the least bit interested, the Warriors get a HUGE upgrade at the starting 3 spot and Dorell Wright becomes an excellent player off the bench. Now if they could only find a starting 2 guard...
  • No more 30 minute 2 rebound nights from a player the Warriors took instead of Greg Monroe.

Wins for the Bucks

  • No more Stephen Jackson tantrums.
  • No more stressing about Bogut's injuries.
  • A dynamic and exciting scorer in Monta Ellis.
  • It's extremely rare to see a team trade a former #1 overall pick and get another one back in return, but the Bucks pulled it off. Bogut (2005) for Kwame Brown (2001). Bucks fans must hate me.
MY WINNER PICK: Golden State Warriors
Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings in a backcourt together- huh?

Who do you think won this trade?

Stay tuned! Much more to come...

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