Attention Front Office: Stephen Curry is our MVP

Steph Curry is our MVP. Everyone needs to see this and understand it.

What our front office does in these next two weeks could make or break our franchise for the next few years. I'm optimistic that we might take a high-reward risk and make something happen. However, I'm also pessimistic that we might lose Curry in some trade just trying to shake things up.

Curry's our MVP and we better not trade him away unless we get a superstar in return. Here are some reasons why:

We're good when he plays, we're bad when he doesn't.

It sounds simple because it is simple. Per 100 possessions this season, we're +1.54 with him playing and -5.99 without him. Our offense is better when he plays. Our defense is better when he plays. It's been the same story every year since we drafted him.


He's the second most efficient scoring PG in the league.

For his career, he's second behind only Steve Nash in eFG% and TS%. And he's improved these two percentages every year in the league.


He's the third most efficient 3PT shooter in NBA history.

And he's the most efficient of all current active players.


He's the most efficient midrange shooter in the league.

Better than Lin and Nash.


He's second most efficient in the league at creating his own shot.

For all players who have less than 50% of their field goals assisted, Curry's behind only Nash in eFG%. He's ahead of guys named Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Yet he's only the third offensive option on our team behind guys named Monta Ellis and David Lee.


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