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How The Warriors Will Try To Keep The NBA Draft Lottery Pick They Owe Utah

Just prior to the NBA trade deadline, Golden State Warriors GM Larry Riley suggested that there might be hope for the team to keep their 2012 NBA Draft pick instead of sending it to the Utah Jazz if it falls outside of the top 7 picks in the lottery.

Today, Contra Costa Times reporter Marcus Thompson II elaborated on what that might entail.

According to one source, the Warriors would not give up one of their core players to the Jazz. The likelihood is that the Warriors would offer a package highlighted by their three picks. Certainly, the Warriors don’t need to add three rookies to the roster. So the Warriors would certainly be willing to give up all three of their picks (the first-round pick they got from San Antonio and two second-round picks) to get into the lottery. Plus the prospect of adding free agent PF J.J. Hickson, if he pans out, could diminish the Warriors’ need for bench help.

For those scared of how much the Warriors might have to give up to persuade the Jazz to "delay" the transfer of the pick - as Riley said in his interview - the key here is that they are not looking to give up any core players to the Jazz to make this happen.

Even if they do manage to pull this off, this is a whole lot of haggling over a deal negotiated to get Marcus Williams.

In related draft news, Andris Biedrins has received 382 votes for Tank Commander after the last two games, buoyed by a late-game foul against the Jazz the other night that made clear the need for such a vote.

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