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Warriors Aftermath Links: Everyone's talking about Joe Lacob getting booed

Not surprisingly, the talk around the media is all about Joe Lacob getting booed. So here's all the audio and stories this morning about the booing. This includes Joe Lacob himself coming on KNBR.

If more stuff comes later in the day, I'll add those in. Tomorrow, let's get back to the games, er, "games".

KNBR, 95.7FM Audio

9:32 min: Rick Barry, The Rise Guys
10:14 min: Rick Barry, Murph and Mac
12:41 min: Greg Papa, John Lund
42:23 min: Joe Laocb, Gary and Larry
10:07 min: Nate Thurmond, John Lund
7:23 min: Mitch Richmond, Tierney and Davis
17:31 min: Yahoo Sports - Marc Spears, Ralph and Tom
5:41 min: Don Nelson, Tierney and Davis
9:13 min: Matt Steinmetz, Chris Townsend


Adam Lauridsen: Thank You, Chris Mullin (Warriors 93, Wolves 97)
Marcus Thompson II: Why Joe Lacob Got Boo’d
Matt Steinmetz: Lacob's missteps along way helped fuel boos
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors owner Joe Lacob: 'I was a little bit stunned'

Chronicle Live: Joe Lacob, part 1

Chronicle Live: Joe Lacob, part 2

Chronicle Live: Ray Ratto and Matt Steinmetz

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