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Game Thread #44: Golden State Warriors @ New Orleans Hornets - The Warriors Word of the Day has 4 letters: _ _ _ _

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Hint: Think of us as a bunch of fishes living in one of these.


With all the emotional stuff for Monta Ellis and Chris Mullin out of the way, the Warriors can focus on the rest of this season, which is to ________. They need to keep up this ________ing streak in order to keep our pick.

_______ Commander Andris Biedrins is out because of a strained groin, which doesn't help our cause, because he got the ________ memo when he fouled to allow the Jazz to tie and eventually win the game.

So let us root for a new ________ Commander to step up and be tonight's star with lots of clanked shots, bad passes, and offensive fouls. We cannot let this ________ effort go to waste.

Have you figured out what the Warriors Word of the Day is?

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