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Game Thread #47: Golden State Warriors @ Portland Trail Blazers - Even the Warriors airplane wanted to tank.


Hmm, there seems to be a common theme going around lately. I wonder what it could be.


After that what-the-heck-was-that closing performance by both the Kings and the Warriors, the Warriors were scheduled to take a charter plane to Portland right after the game. But the flight was delayed and eventually cancelled because of mechanical issues.

I snuck in past security late last night and got a chance to talk to the plane one-on-one. I asked the plane what really caused the delay and cancellation of the flight. The plane silently pointed to object shown in the image above and then winked at me. I squinted my eyes in confusion for a moment, and then realization dawned on me. I smiled, winked back at the plane, and snuck back out.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), they either fixed the mechanical problem or switched to a different plane, and the Warriors arrived safely in Portland earlier this morning. Game on (or off).

So game on, or game off?

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