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Curry Injury Update: Stephen Curry Will Sit Out at Least Two More Weeks to Rehab Ankle

The official report from the Golden State Warriors is that Stephen Curry will sit out the next two weeks while he continues to rehab his injured ankle. After this two week period it is presumed he will be reevaluated, and possibly cleared to play. But let's be honest, in recent days it seems as though Warriors fans have been more focused on the loss column, and the sliver of hope that the team may keep its first round draft pick, than they have been on the actual quality of play on the court. And it looks like they may not be the only ones. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that management may have some reservations about putting him back on the court this season.

Doctors will re-examine Curry at the end of the two weeks to discuss clearing him for a return, but league sources say that the Warriors may not be inclined to bring him back this season. Nevertheless, Curry is pushing for the chance to return to the court, sources said.

Golden State management wants to protect the young point guard’s ankle, but also are trying to hold onto a 2012 first-round draft pick that will belong to the Utah Jazz unless the Warriors finish with the seventh or higher spot in the draft. Essentially, the Warriors are willing to tank games down the stretch to assure themselves the best possible chance of keeping the pick that they traded away.

We may see some tension build as Curry's competitive nature and his personal financial future drive him to return this season, while the franchise as a whole would clearly stand to benefit from him taking the rest of the season off. So the question presents itself: Would you, as Warriors fans, prefer to get one more look at a healthy Curry this season, or let him sit in hopes that the losses pile up while his ankle continues to get healthy for next season.

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