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Warriors Game Day Links #49: Golden State Warriors 87 vs New Orleans Hornets 102 - Now that makes up for the win in New Orleans

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Box score | Gameflow

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Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: To be added: Title
Game thread: Game Thread #49: Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Hornets (610+ comments)

Hornets: At The Hive
Recap: To be added: Title
Game thread: Game 50: Hornets @ Warriors


Associated Press: Hornets rout Warriors 102-87 for rare win | Photo Gallery
Sports Network: Hornets use balanced attack to down Warriors
Matt Steinmetz: Warriors blown out by last-place Hornets
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors say Stephen Curry could return in two weeks

Pregame News

- There's still a chance for Stephen Curry to play some this season.
Marcus Thompson II: Stephen Curry May Not Be Done For the Season After All

- Is this a playoff roster now? If not, what does it need?
Matt Steinmetz: Do Warriors have playoff roster in 2012-13?

- Innovative mastermind Don Nelson is selected for the Hall of Fame.
Rusty Simmons: Ex-GS Warriors coach Don Nelson selected to Hall of Fame
Marcus Thompson II: Former Warriors Head Coach Don Nelson To Be Elected to Hall of Fame
Carl Steward: Don Nelson calls his Hall of Fame selection 'frosting on the cake'

- Previews of the game.
Matt Steinmetz: Hornets-Warriors: What to watch for

Pregame Videos

2:30 min: Tim Roye interviews Mark Jackson before the game

Postgame News

- No postgame news found.

Postgame Videos

CSN highlights, recap.

Recap and highlights from's game page:
Hornets vs. Warriors: First half
Sweet Dish
Hornets vs. Warriors

Postgame Quotes and Stuff from recap

Photo Gallery

Warriors vs. Hornets Postgame Interviews (3/28/12) by GoldenStateWarriors
Mark Jackson
On Tonight's Game:
"I think this (one) is more on us. You come into the game understanding that they are missing probably four of their best players, but have guys that are more than capable of playing well. You know Jarrett Jack was going to be aggressive, knowing Carl Landry was going to be aggressive and we didn't respond. Thought it was huge. We lost the game in the 2nd quarter. When you give up 30 points in the 2nd quarter, when you allow them uncontested shots - it was very uncharacteristic of the way we've played. That was not who we are."

On Talking To The Team After The Game:
"There is a way to lose, believe it or not. Playing in this league I understand that, I know you are not going to win every game. Certainly tonight wasn't the way to lose. I understand back-to-back nights, I understand a battle against the Lakers with a tough loss, but where we are headed - teams respond by taking care of their business and taking out that tough loss on a team that we are better than. We didn't do that. We'll learn, but we had to talk about it."
David Lee
On The Team's Overall Performance:
"It was a terrible game by our team all the way around. They were the aggressors from the start. They hit shots, we didn't hit shots. Our intensity wasn't there on either end and it's a real disappointment. I [compare] this to the Memphis game on the road, the Houston game on the road and a couple of games this season. It's going to be tough to sleep after a loss like this just because our effort wasn't there. Our execution and our [lack of] effort was why we got outplayed tonight."

On Whether Or Not They Overlooked New Orleans:
"No, no such thing looking overlooking a team when you're the third worst team in the West. There's no such thing as overlooking a team. We don't have that luxury. We just didn't play well tonight. That's all there is to it."

On What Mark Jackson Mentioned After The Game:
"He was upset, as we all are, that we were able to give such good effort last night and almost pulled a victory out against a great basketball team and tonight against a team that's not as good as the Lakers to come in and to get outplayed, especially with a lot of their best guys missing. It was very frustrating for the coaching staff and for the players."
Richard Jefferson
On Not Being Able To Compete In Tonight's Game:
"I said to [Mickell] Gladness, 'You have to pick one of your games.' You're going to be an offensive team or a defensive team but you've got to do it well. Tonight we didn't do either well. We didn't defend the ball very well, we didn't run our offense very well. We just thought that we could come out here and play hard. The best teams in this league execute on a night-in, night-out basis. The great teams execute on both ends of the floor, not just one. You look at the Phoenix Suns. For so many years they were a great offensive team. They were going to outscore you and do a lot of things, but on the defensive end they struggled. They still executed on one end of the floor and they were able to get 60 wins. So you have to pick one or both if you want to be a great team and we did neither."

On Looking Forward:
"We have a young team and we have an inexperienced team as far as, I won't necessarily say playoff experience, but as far as what it takes to get there and what it takes on a night-in, night-out basis. You have to lead by example and you have to try to speak to everyone in a positive way and hope that everyone is learning. Because obviously as a collective group, and I say we because I'm a part of this, it hasn't been working. So any guy that's been here - a year or more, including myself after this summer, we have to be held accountable for everything that goes on. If a team isn't making the playoffs, if a team isn't working a certain amount of games, it has to be looked upon as 'What can I do differently?' Because sometimes it's not more, sometimes it's people doing less: sharing the ball, playing better defense. David [Lee] has been playing great and we've had other guys playing great but we've got to find out a way to do more. Because it's not about talent, we have talent to win. Tonight we went out and didn't play well against a team that doesn't have four of their five best players and they just manhandled us. So it's not about talent. It's about effort, it's about focus, it's about execution."


- Charles Jenkins sprained his ankle stumbling into a fan and didn't return.

What's next?

- On the one hand, the schedule lightens up a little with a couple of single games coming up. On the other hand, we got a 4 game road trip to start April off. But first, the lowly Nets.

Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Fri Mar 30 7:30pm Nets CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Sun Apr 01 6:30pm @Lakers CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Tue Apr 03 5:00pm @Grizzlies CSNBayHD KTCT 1050
Wed Apr 04 5:00pm @TWolves CSNBayHD KTCT 1050
Fri Apr 06 6:00pm @Jazz CSNBayPlus KTCT 1050
Sat Apr 07 7:30pm Nuggets CSNBayHD / ESPN KNBR 680

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