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Recap #33: Golden State Warriors 83, Philadelphia 76ers 105 - Warriors Celebrate Wilt's 100 by Forgetting How to Score in the Second Half

Something tells me they won't be cutting up the court and selling it after tonight's game.
Something tells me they won't be cutting up the court and selling it after tonight's game.

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Maybe it's just an overload from the nonstop all-day media coverage of the 50th anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game, or maybe it was watching the Warriors offense evaporate in the second half, but I just don't want to talk about scoring at all right now. I just don't care if Monta Ellis and David Lee keep putting up 20 a night if they continue to set the tone on the defensive end of the floor by doing their best matador impersonation. Well, maybe that could lead to effective defense if they ever move past the part where they use the red cape to dodge the bull and get to the part where they start shoving swords into it until it dies. Great, now I feel sick to my stomach... Hit the jump so we can change the subject.

...Die By The Three

I know I said I didn't want to talk about scoring, but don't worry, because lately talking about the Dub's three point shooting isn't really talking about scoring much at all. It's more like talking about beating a steel hoop senseless by hurling orange leather spheres at it from more than twenty feet away. It's not the most efficient way to bust a rim, but I can respect their sticktoitiveness.

Hand Down, Man Up, Hand Left, Man Right, Select, Start... Wait, What?

Okay, so here is the situation: You are playing basketball, and you are on defense. The man you are guarding pulls up for a jumper. You...

A) Close out strong on shooting hand side and challenge the shot.

B) Extend your arm chest-high and leisurely trot by him as you head back to the offensive end of the floor where you may in fact put forth some actual effort.

C) Turn your back and look at the basket to see what happens. If the ball misses you run to the rebounder and demand the ball immediately, and if the ball goes in you look around with an annoyed look on your face like it's someone else's fault that your man just scored.

Apparently if you are a member of the Warriors you are most likely allergic to option A, and quite comfortable with options B and C. But maybe I'm being too hard on them, so let's run another scenario:

You are 6'8" or taller and you see a perimeter player penetrate the defense and begin to enter your area. You...

A) Give early help and turn him away from the basket before retreating to your man.

B) Give strong help as he commits to an offensive move, leading to a block or highly contested shot.

C) Leave your man and run between the two offensive players without defending either.

D) Immediately box out your man, leaving you in perfect position to rebound a missed - wide open - NBA layup, or watch the offensive player get struck by lightning while in the arena... whichever is more likely.

The good news is you can consistently choose C or D and still be a "20 & 10 Guy" while making upwards of $12 million a year in the NBA. The bad news is you can consistently choose B and be considered a blown draft pick whose upside is being a bench player on a playoff team.

A Tale of Two Games

Against the Hawks on Wednesday the Warriors put up these numbers:

85 points on 41% shooting

1-12 from beyond the arc

David Lee: 22 points, shooting 9-21

Monta Ellis: 24 point, shooting 10-27

Against the 76ers on Friday the Warriors put up these numbers:

83 points on 40% shooting

5-18 from beyond the arc

David Lee: 24 points, shooting 8-19

Monta Ellis: 20 point, shooting 10-22

While those offensive stats may look remarkably similar, the outcome of these games were in stark contrast. The simple explanation is DEFENSE MATTERS. Speaking of which...


Ekpe Udoh

Ekpe Udoh gets tonight's Warrior Wonder, as in "I wonder why the only big man playing defense only played for 18 minutes..."

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