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So GSoMers, would you do this trade for Howard?

via Ken Berger:

If nothing else, Howard’s familiarity with Atlanta would diminish the biggest impediment for another potential rental team giving up major assets to get him: Aside from it being an untenable gamble in a normal season, it’s even more so in this one. If, for example, Howard were traded against his will to Golden State, he’d play only 26 games with his new team – and only 12 home games in his new surroundings.
"That’s not a lot of games to get attached to Golden State," one rival executive said.
Could the Warriors possibly give up Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Ekpe Udoh, etc., under those circumstances? The Magic hope so, which is why the Howard saga quietly escalated to the next phase Thursday: Orlando’s attempt to follow the Denver model by creating a bidding war and scoring a Melo-like haul of assets.

Would you be willing to give up these three young assets without any assurance (because of course none can be given) that Howard would stay beyond 2012?

Keep in mind, if Howard leaves, barring any other moves, the starting lineup next season might look something like:

  • Some PG to be determined later
  • Monta Ellis
  • Dorell Wright/Rush or some SF to be determined later
  • David Lee
  • Andris Biedrins or some center to be determined later

Is the risk of having that lineup and basically gutting our team of young (tradable) assets worth taking a chance on extending the best big man in the NBA today? Discuss.

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