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Warriors Vs. Clippers Sunday: Submit Your Questions For Clips Nation

Earlier this season we've done Q&A's with Steve Perrin of Clips Nation, but since it's not the beginning of the season anymore and you have all presumably seen the L.A. Clippers play basketball at least a couple of times we figured it was time for something different.

As Steve has already done previously at CN, I'm going to solicit questions from you and then pass them on to Steve for him to answer with his infinite Clippers wisdom. Here's how this will work:

  • Leave your question for CN in the comments for everyone to see.
  • "Rec" the ones that you think are best.
  • The five questions with the most "recs" will be sent on to Steve. If there's a tie for #5, the GSoM crew will settle it. (Update:Instead of me choosing the top 5 questions, I'm just going to send this link to Steve and he'll pick the ones to respond to just to streamline the process a bit).

Feel free to ask anything: how their chemistry with Chris Paul is looking, what they need to do heading into the playoffs, if they're glad they paid DeAndre Jordan that money, their thoughts on trade rumors, or how it feels to go from mediocrity to bright future seemingly overnight.

We'd like to get questions back to him by tomorrow so he has time to answer them by Sunday so we'll close the submission window sometime tomorrow morning.


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