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Game Thread #60: Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs - Another day of basketball, another day in jail.


Including this game, there are 7 games left to go. As Warriors fans, we are stuck in the jail cell of mediocrity, counting the number of games left until the season is over, looking for losses to boost our lottery luck, cringing when our team plays hard and threatens to win, hoping that we will be given probation next season from our sentence of going nowhere.

But guess what? Tonight, we break out of jail. Tonight, we break out of jail early. Tonight is the first night of... our freeeeedom!!!

...OK, obviously not. Tonight, we continue to sit in jail. Tonight we continue to ridicule made baskets, good plays, and players who are on fire, and we continue to cheer clanks, turnovers, and airballs. Tonight, we pick up a piece of chalk and mark on our walls that another game will go by for this season.

gswscribe: No Tim Duncan. No Tony Parker. No Manu Ginobili. Night off for Big Three vs. Warriors

I had a feeling that Pop would rest Duncan + Ginobili + Parker tonight when they have to face the Lakers tomorrow. I just hope Chris Wright + Mikki Moore is enough of a counter move to keep the tank going.

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