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Game Thread #61: Golden State Warriors vs LA Lakers - Tank watch day, and we're not getting any help.


"Hey boy, see any help coming for our tank?" "Whimper."


Today, the other five teams that we're competing with in the tank race all play tonight.

Cavaliers? Nope.
Pistons? Nope.
Nets? Nope.
Raptors? Nope.
Kings? We'll see, but probably not against the Spurs.
As for the Warriors, we better lose tonight so we can stay in the race. Starting 4 rookies (Jenkins, Klay, Gladness, Tyler) + DWright should help. This should also help:

(before the game)

warriorsvox (Tim Roye): No Nate Robinson tonight, out with a reaggravated right hamstring, Warriors vs Los Angeles 715 KNBR 1050Tank on!

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