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Warriors Game Day Links #63: Golden State Warriors 96 @ Houston Rockets 99 - Rockets stupid plays threaten tank, but the tank survives

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April 21, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Golden State Warriors center Mikki Moore (31) argues a call against the Houston Rockets during the second quarter at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE
April 21, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Golden State Warriors center Mikki Moore (31) argues a call against the Houston Rockets during the second quarter at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Box score | Gameflow

SBNation Network

Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: To be added: Title
Game thread: Game Thread #63: Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets (Somebody's Got to Win) (340+ comments)

Rockets: The Dream Shake
Recap: To be added: Title
Game thread: Rockets Look To Salvage Respect Against Warriors


Associated Press: Lee leads Rockets past Golden State | Photo Gallery
Sports Network: Rockets edge Warriors, playoff hopes still alive
Matt Steinmetz: Warriors struggles continue, lose to Houston 99-96

Pregame News

- The Ankle Brothers will undergo arthroscopic surgery. Stephen Curry's will be exploratory. Andrew Bogut's will be a cleanup.
Matt Steinmetz: Curry, Bogut to undergo arthroscopic surgeries
Marcus Thompson II: Both Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut to Have Surgery Next Week

- Previews of the game.
Matt Steinmetz: Warriors-Rockets: What to watch for

Pregame Videos

Stephen Curry Interview (4/21/12) by GoldenStateWarriors

Postgame News

- No postgame news found.

Postgame Videos

CSN highlights, recap.

Recap and highlights from's game page:
Warriors vs. Rockets: First half
Thompson to the Rim
Warriors vs. Rockets

Postgame Quotes and Stuff from recap

Photo Gallery

Mark Jackson
On His Team's Play
"Great energy, they (Rockets) competed and at the end of the day they made plays. I was really proud of my guys, we were short-handed, but put ourselves in position down the stretch to win the ball game."

On Klay Thompson's Season
"He came into this league as a great shooter, but he is an extremely hard worker and does not satisfy as just being known as a great shooter. He comes early and he stays late and he has put himself in position to be a great all-around player. He can put the ball on the floor and he's a under-rated passer, and he is good on the defensive end, he's going to be a heck of a player."

On The Rockets
"You have to give our guys credit, because we didn't come in here and lay down. We came in here to compete and we defended, battled and give them (Rockets) credit down the stretch. They made plays that separated themselves. It was a big win for them, keeping their playoff wins alive."

On Goran Dragic
"He's a guy that sat and watched behind one of the all time greats (Steve Nash). He took advantage of what he learned and also he learned a lot backing-up Kyle Lowry. When his opportunity came, he embraced it and took total advantage, he's had an outstanding season and will make himself a lot of money."
Klay Thompson
On Tonight's Game
"They just got some good offensive rebounds at the end that killed us, they pressure us when they made their run and (Goran) Dragic made some good plays. They just got some good open looks and knocked them down."
Richard Jefferson
On Tonight's Game
(On the game) "At the end of the day making shots and making plays down the stretch is always important. We had some good looks, but they didn't drop and Houston made the plays they needed to that's a team that's pretty much a playoff team that's fighting for dear life, and they played like it"

On Goran Dragic
"(Goran) Dragic has been playing great and it will be interesting to see what happens with his future knowing that he is a unrestricted free agent. He's definitely a starting point guard in this league and it will be interesting to things play out. The kids got a talented future."
Stephen Curry
On His Upcoming Surgery
"I've been through a lot with my ankle, the surgery is just a chance to get on the inside and look and see what's going on. It's just to clean out some of the inflammation during the season. Hopefully it will be a simple process and I will be back on the court in 4-6 weeks."

Interesting Tweets

(before the game)
warriors: NEWS: Warriors have announced that @StephenCurry30 & @AndrewMBogut will each undergo arthroscopic surgery later this week. (1/3)
warriors: A timetable for their return will be determined following surgery, but both players are expected to be ready for training camp in Oct. (2/3)
warriors: Complete details on injury status & upcoming arthroscopic surgeries for @StephenCurry30 & @AndrewMBogut: (3/3)

maddogg3333: typical RT @warriors: Warriors have announced that @StephenCurry30 & @AndrewMBogut will each undergo arthroscopic surgery later this week
AndrewMBogut: @maddogg3333 yeah typical hey? Cause everyone WANTS surgery. #clown

timkawakami: Two-for-one deal? Warriors announce Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut will both undergo further ankle surgeries soon.
AndrewMBogut: @timkawakami yes, why don't you come along and get your fingers done, we will make it 3. 20k plus worth of tweets, must be sore....

AndrewMBogut: I am very disappointed to announce my withdrawal from the 2012 Olympic Games. After seeing a specialist I have decided it would be (cont)
AndrewMBogut: best to get my ankle cleaned out via arthroscopic surgery. There is simply not enough time to rehab and be fully fit for the games.

rodman5179: @AndrewMBogut starting to sound a lot like luc longley. Does the specialist work for the warriors? We're tougher than that from the hills.
AndrewMBogut: @rodman5179 yes im getting SURGERY cause i dont wanna play in the OLYMPICS. #moron
rodman5179: @AndrewMBogut have surgery earlier? I apologise for getting personal.
AndrewMBogut: @rodman5179 no. Bone needed to heal. Dont apologize, ignorance is virtue for people like you!! #moron

warriorsvox: Dorell Wright is out for tonights game with Houston, right ankle sprain after colliding with Jenkins last night...

(during the game)
gswscribe: I got an explanation as to why Warriors want a playmaking wing. The reason has to do with whether Brandon Rush or Dominic McGuire can be as effective as starters. Rush, some Warriors execs are thinking, maybe really good BECAUSE he comes off the bench. McGuire, who brings a lot of what the Warriors like, could have his flaws exposed as a starter. Ideally, Golden State would like to bring in a sure-fire starter for the wing and keep those guys as key reserves. It remains whether that's possible.


- From the tweets, I think Andrew Bogut's attitude and sarcasm will fit right in with us Warriors fans, don't you think?
- DWright DNP because of a right ankle sprain.

What's next?

- Though we're on the 3rd game in a row, we have a chance to win in Minnesota, especially if the TWolves are just as sloppy and unfocused as the Rockets were today.
- Game started at 5:30 yesterday, 5:00 today, and 4:00 tomorrow. It's like this road trip was scheduled just for our tanking.

Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Sun Apr 22 4:00pm @TWolves CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Tue Apr 24 7:30pm Hornets KTCT 1050
Thu Apr 26 7:30pm Spurs TNT KTCT 1050
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