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Warriors Game Day Links #64: Golden State Warriors 93 @ Minnesota Timberwolves 88 - All hands abandon tank! Repeat, all hands abandon tank!

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Box score | Gameflow

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Timberwolves: Canis Hoopus
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Associated Press: Warriors rally from 21 down to beat Timberwolves | Photo Gallery
Sports Network: Rush lifts Warriors over Timberwolves
Matt Steinmetz: Warriors snap skid with comeback win over Wolves

Pregame News

- There are some more technological upgraded being planned for Oracle Arena.
Troy Wolverton: Warriors' Oracle Arena adds new tech features

- Previews of the game.
Matt Steinmetz: Warriors-Wolves: What to watch for

Pregame Videos

- No pregame videos found.

Postgame News

- Marcus Thompson II lists the scenarios that are required for the Warriors to keep their pick.
Marcus Thompson II: Despite Sunday’s Win, the Warriors Still Have a Chance to Keep Their Pick – Going to Take Some Help Though

Postgame Videos

Jim Barnett interviews Charles Jenkins right after the game.

Mark Jackson in the hallway.

Klay Thompson in the locker room.

CSN highlights, recap.

Recap and highlights from's game page:
Warriors vs. Timberwolves: First half
Rush to the Rim
Warriors vs. Timberwolves

Postgame Quotes and Stuff from recap

Photo Gallery

Warriors vs. Timerwolves: Postgame Interviews (4/22/12) by GoldenStateWarriors
Mark Jackson
On the win closing out a back-to-back-to-back:
"Not just our rookies, overall we did a great job of battling. They started off on fire. We gave up 32 first quarter points and in the second half we gave up 33 points overall. Just an outstanding job executing our offense and battling defensively. They deserve all the credit. The way they competed. We got great individual performances but collectively, we found a way to get the job done."

On Charles Jenkins' performance:
"He's a tough, New York city kid; a hard-nosed kid that has no quit. He totally competes, gets after it. He was banged up, bruised up, battered up and found a way to gut out a big time performance."

On their defensive success in the second half:
"We held guys accountable. We stopped going so much zone and made adjustments. They stuck to the game plan. We did a great job of contesting shots, limiting their second chance opportunities and just being disciplined defensively."

On Brandon Rush's play:
"He's been great all season long for us. A guy we picked up in a trade, and he's been nothing short of spectacular all season long on both sides of the basketball. We know what we're getting when we put him into the ballgame. He doesn't hurt you. He's an outstanding basketball player and we're really fortunate to have him. Hopefully we'll continue to have him going forward, but a spectacular night."
Klay Thompson
On tonight's game:
"We as a team did a good job when our shots weren't falling. We did it on the defensive end, just making it really tough on them. I'm never going to stop shooting, especially if I'm having good looks. I thought I did a good job just staying confident in the second half."

On their defense in the second half:
"Mikki played really good defense on Pekovic, just made it tough on him. So did Mickell and Jeremy, our bigs. We just rotated more. We helped each other a lot more and shared the ball. Once we do that, it's contagious and we're very unselfish on defense."
Charles Jenkins
On whether he's sore after playing all 48 minutes:
"Not yet. You normally feel the soreness from the game the next morning, so I'm pretty sure tomorrow morning I'll be in treatment, making sure I'm ready for the game on Tuesday."

On the comeback:
"We knew if we defended, we'd have a chance of getting back into the game because we were getting anything we wanted on offense, we just were struggling. We did a good job of playing defense and on the other end our shots started to fall. It all worked out."

On his second half performance:
"A lot of the shots that they gave me were wide open and good shots. Coach told me to stay aggressive and that's where I tried to make a shot or get guys involved. The more the shots have the fall, the more confident I became in making them. I think everything just worked out."
Dominic McGuire
On their success in the second half:
"We had a different group out there and I think we battled. We communicated defensively. We played hard and shared the ball. When you do those things, everything else takes care of itself."

On the importance for their rookies:
"It's big. We're missing all of our starters. We're starting four rookies, so we're even younger than them. For us to battle back from 20 points down and come back and win was big for us and our young guy's confidence."

Interesting Tweets

(after the game)
gswscribe: TANK WATCH: Warriors' come-from-behind win at Minny drops them from tied for No. 6 to alone at No. 8. Now, GS needs to lose out to have a good chance at keeping their pick. If they do, the worst the Warriors can finish is tied for No. 7 since TOR and NJ face off in finale. Ties are decided by a coin flip. No. 7 would give the Warriors a 75% chance of keeping their pick. If they get 8th, they'll have a 10% chance
gswscribe: Warriors fans (on Twitter) are NOT happy about Golden State's win at Minny

gswscribe: Toughest part about possibly losing a lottery pick is not just the selection, but the value it could be in a trade (move up or get a star)
Ben5hore: @gswscribe very good point. anything still happening with those trade talks w/ Utah to try and get it back?
gswscribe: Lacob mighta killed that. Utah was not happy he went public RT @Ben5hore anything happening re: trade talks w/ Utah to try and get it back?
TonyAggieville: @gswscribe KOC told us that GSW would have to double their payment to get the pick back...jazz FO def not happy that GS went public


- No interesting notes to add tonight.

What's next?

- Emotional vacuum.
- There's no TV for the next game. I think it was originally scheduled for TNT, so there was no local broadcast scheduled. I think we're stuck with radio only.
- Yes, the tank is technically not dead, because we have a chance of keeping the pick at #7. But you think we're going to lose to the Hornets at home???

Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Tue Apr 24 7:30pm Hornets KTCT 1050
Thu Apr 26 7:30pm Spurs TNT KTCT 1050
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