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Warriors Win the Gosh Darn Coin Flip

Fingers crossed. I propose we take a vow of silence until the lottery is held to avoid jinxing ourselves.

SOURCE: GSW won the tie-breaker and will be slotted No. 7 The Warriors now have a 72.5 percent chance of keeping ...
4/27/12 3:41 PM

Breaking: Warriors win coin flip
4/27/12 3:10 PM

(1/3) NBA has conducted random drawing to determine the Warriors' 2012 pre-lottery draft position.
4/27/12 4:25 PM

(2/3) Drawing Results: 1st Round - 7, 30 | 2nd Round - 35, 52 (7th & 35th positions are determinant upon results of May 30 Draft Lottery)

4/27/12 4:26 PM

(3/3) Overall, Warriors win 3 of 4 drawings today. FULL DETAILS:
4/27/12 4:27 PM

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