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Game Thread #53: Golden State Warriors at Minnesota Timberwolves — The Late Season Watch List


Golden State Warriors (20-32) at Minnesota Timberwolves (25-30)

Tip-off: 5:00 pm PST

TV: CSN Bay Area (HD) | Radio: KNBR1050

Blog Buddy: Canis Hoopus

With the current state of the Warriors, Dubs fans are coping in a variety of ways. Many have turned the standings upside down as they actively root for the Warriors to lose in hopes of holding on to their first round draft pick, while others have let hoops apathy take hold and have begun to look elsewhere for their nightly entertainment. Now I must admit that I have been lending my support to the Pistons, Nets and Kings when I can catch them on League Pass, but I'm still not entirely comfortable actively rooting for the loss while my Dubs push hard against teams like the Lakers and Grizzlies. So, instead of pulling for the other team I've made myself a little list of things to look out for as the season goes on. There is still plenty to learn about this team as they close out the season. Jump to see a few of the things I'll be keeping an eye on.
The Point Guard Spot - The backup PG spot is still wide open for next season. Nate Robinson may be back, but since he isn't under contract next year you'd have to figure that Charles Jenkins has a good chance of taking the reigns if he can prove himself on the court.

  • Nate Robinson - Maybe it took him nearly washing out of the league, but Nate seems to have really upped his game as a distributor this season. He's still erratic on offense, with questionable shot selection and a sense of enthusiasm that can get in the way of his basketball IQ, but his willingness to share the ball and find the open man has helped him increase his assists by 2.3 per 36 minutes. He isn't the kind of player that I'm comfortable relying on for heavy minutes, but his undeniable energy and improved passing could make him a good option off the bench next year. Can he prove to be a mature veteran leader or will his rumored attitude problems (not here, but in his previous NBA stops) surface and prove to be more trouble than he's worth.
    Charles Jenkins - He's shown us a very good midrange jump shot and solid defensive effort so far this season. What I'd like to see from CJ in the remaining games of the season is improvement in one other offensive area. Without reliable three point range, the best bet for improvement will be trying to find his way to the free throw line, and maybe improved playmaking.

More to come in tonight's recap...

On the Wing - Will Richard Jefferson be able to challenge for Dorell's starting spot next year? Is Klay a legit starting SG in this league?

Young Bigs - With extended time for Tyler and Gladness we should know if we have found some diamonds in the rough, or just a couple lumps of coal.

Coaching and Veteran Leadership - Jackson and Lee can't be happy about the way this season is coming to a close, but the rest of the team will be looking to them to keep things professional and competitive, even if the front office may already be looking to next year.

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