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Golden State Warriors Keep #7 Pick in 2012 NBA Draft + Fun Warriors Draft History Links

Well the tanking (22 losses in last 27 games), a little bit of luck (tie-breaker with Nets), and the odds (over 70% chance of keeping) all paid off. The Warriors get to keep their pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.



JUMP for a few quick thoughts and links as we get ramped up for the Warriors version of the playoffs on Thursday June 28th!

Best Move of the Day- No Trade with Jazz

Aren't you glad the Warriors didn't give up anything to remove the restrictions on this year's pick? (If it fell to 8 or higher it would go to the Utah Jazz.)


Sleepy's chart from NBA Draft Lottery 2012: 275 Reasons to Be Worried (and 725 to Be Enthused)

Let's just hope the Warriors aren't in this situation again next season. The full repercussions of Chris Mullin's silly trade for Marcus Williams back in 2008 could still haunt the Warriors.

4 Picks Total

In addition to the 7th pick, the Warriors hold the 30th, 36th, and 52nd pick in this year's draft. If they keep and use all four picks that would mean a huge chunk of the 2012-2013 roster has no NBA experience. Throw in this past season's 3 rookies who you'd expect are on the team next season (Klay Thompson, Jeremy Tyler, Charles Jenkins) and you have... a recipe for disaster. Let's hope the Warriors can make some clever trades with all these picks and current crop of youngsters.

As always make sure to check out DraftExpress and for the most happening mocks and scouting reports around.

What do you want the Warriors to do with those 4 picks?

Some fun draft links from the archives:

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