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NBA Draft Rumor: Golden State Warriors' Trade For Wilson Chandler 'Unlikely To Happen'

MIAMI, FL - MARCH 19:  Forward LeBron James #6 of the Miami Heat drives against Forward Wilson Chandler #21 of the Denver Nuggets at American Airlines Arena on March 19, 2011 in Miami, Florida.<em> (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)</em>
MIAMI, FL - MARCH 19: Forward LeBron James #6 of the Miami Heat drives against Forward Wilson Chandler #21 of the Denver Nuggets at American Airlines Arena on March 19, 2011 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
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h/t to ZooMass who originally posted this rumor.

We will undoubtedly hear more trade rumors over the next day or so, but the most recent is based on a Chris Broussard tweet that the Golden State Warriors would send the seventh pick overall to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for 6'8" wing Wilson Chandler.


What Chandler offers the Warriors is exactly what many of us here have wanted this offseason: a wing who can defend. Although he had a down year for the Nuggets this past season, Chandler earned himself a rep as a versatile perimeter defender during his time with the New York Knicks and is capable of hitting the three despite a down year this year. And at 25 there's reason to believe that there's room for further growth.

As pointed out elsewhere, the deal wouldn't work as tweeted by Broussard meaning that a player - possibly Warriors forward Dorell Wright? - would have to be involved in order for it to work out. If, as Adam Lauridsen of the San Jose Mercury's Fast Break blog suggests, the Warriors are able to get a lower first round draft pick (the Nuggets have the 20th pick in Thursday's draft) out of this deal as well, the Warriors could still have the opportunity to add a coveted post player in this draft.

The biggest concern from a Warriors' perspective might be what Nate Timmons of SBN's Denver Stiffs mentioned earlier this year and was kind enough to elaborate on in an email today: injuries.

Chandler helped Denver make a nice push to get into the playoffs - post Carmelo Anthony. But he had a disappointing showing against the Thunder in Round 1 (in 2011). One could argue that his poor play helped doom the Nuggets as they needed him to step up.

With the Knicks and Nuggets some ankle issues (that his agent once said were "chronic") popped up and Wilson missed some time because of it. And after playing in China and in just a handful of games for Denver last season, a hip injury (that required surgery) ended his 2012 season. The injury that Wilson is coming back from has a long rehabilitation process. He's been in Denver getting treatment and has had to take things slow.

I saw Chandler at the Nuggets draft workouts last week and he's up and walking around (yep, he had to sort of learn to re-walk again), but nothing further at that point - no basketball or even running. He had some bone shaved down on his hip to prevent the injury from re-occurring, but who knows how he'll bounce back. I would expect a full recovery, but I'm not a doctor - even though I saw a few episodes of House.

It seems the Warriors already have their fair share of chronic ankle issues and all I can imagine is House scoffing at the Warriors taking on more.

Depending on who is on the board when it's time to make that selection at #7, the deal might not be quite as bad as it first looks.

Update from Marcus Thompson II at 11:19 am: "I’m hearing the Warriors do like Wilson Chandler but don’t believe he is worth the No. 7 pick so that deal is unlikely to happen". Read more >>>

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