With Apologies to the Ramones

20-20-24 hours to go - I want to be sedated

no one to pick and no place to go - until I know who's traded

take him to the airport, put him on the plane

unless his name is Royce, cause he might go insane

oh oh oh oh oh oh!

20-20-24 hours to go - until we know who's drafted

sitting in the green room, ready for the show - cept Sullinger got shafted

they say they've got the upside, they say they've got the chops

til someone sees the highlight reel and then they start to drop

oh woh oh woh oh woe!

20-20-24 hours to go - I wanna be sedated

If I pick someone too low, you know I'll be berated

working on the whiteboard, waiting by the phone

if kawakami's calling, tell him I went home

oh woh oh woh oh woe!

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