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2012 NBA Draft: Golden State Warriors Select HARRISON BARNES with 7th Pick!

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With the 7th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft the Golden State Warriors select...



I'm feeling this pick! (photo via

Michael Jordan. James Worthy. Sam Perkins. Jerry Stackhouse. Antawn Jamison. Vince Carter. Brandan Wright (kidding). UNC produces NBA players! Head on over to Carolina March to get some Tar Heel thoughts on Barnes. Also don't miss some Carolina perspective on Harrison Barnes over at Fear the Sword.

A few quick questions to think about:

  • Think the Warriors have their small forward for the next 6+ years?
  • Think Barnes will be a better pro than college player?
  • Think Barnes will be the most athletic player on the Warriors next year?
  • Think Dubs junkies are hyped about a starting 5 of Stephen Curry/ Klay Thompson/ Harrison Barnes/ David Lee/ Andrew Bogut?!

Also see my man Nate's piece from yesterday: On The Golden State Warriors' Pursuit Of Harrison Barnes

Draft Profiles

Stay tuned for 3 more Warriors draft picks and more!