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Golden State Warriors 2012 NBA Draft Picks Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli, Draymond Green: First Mention Awards!

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A lot of us are happy about how things transpired (is that actually a word?) this year for the Dubs. It all came to a conclusion last night with the NBA draft. I thought it would be interesting to go back and find the "first mentions" of the players we ended up with last night. Who had their eyes on the prize? Click after the jump to find out if you were one of them! Oh, and see who foresaw this draft like Nostradamus!

Harrison Barnes

First FanPost - dubzfan - What SF should we target if any? June 25, 2010

Or do you guys think we should not even get one now and wait until the draft and hopefully get someone in the draft? Two guys to look out for are Harrison Barnes (next years Wall) and Perry Jones who to me is very very intriguing.
I don't know much about Barnes but I know he is an amazing person and player that can do everything but doesn't have Wall type of athletic ability. Instead he is a lot like Grant Hill, scary in the similarities. Jones is strange, he's 6'11 230 lbs going into college but says his spot in the NBA is on the wing and he handles and shoots the ball like a guard but he can also post up a little. I think he can be the very first center/SF hybrid. Both are spots of need here. Of course we need to watch him closely too see if he's Odom, or Tmac or a really versatile center.

First FanShot - Jayd2009 - July 8, 2010

3) I think this team's best shot of winning a championship in the future is by having a high lottery pick in 2011. There are tons of SF's there and I am highly intrigued by Harrison Barnes and Perry Jones a 6'11 Small forward with very good handles (better than Randolph's I would think since scouts have him pegged as a small forward.)

First Comment - homer simpson - Mar 16, 2010

i really like Turner, but 2011 has HS SFs Harrison Barnes & Perry Jones as the top 2 players, along with CJ Leslie who also might be a top 10 pick guy. on top of that there is nobody in the top 10 who weighs over 230 (and he’s international so you know he weighs less than that). it’s just easier to find Swing players.

First Story - EvanZ - June 25, 2011 - Where to Next?

No, I am not kidding. That is Jeremy Tyler you see at center. Let me explain. Well, let me explain by giving you a list that may or may not look familiar to you (yet): Anthony Davis - 6'10" PF (Kentucky) Harrison Barnes - 6'8" SF (North Carolina) Michael Gilchrist - 6'7" SF (Kentucky) Perry Jones - 6'11" PF (Baylor) Quincy Miller - 6'9" PF (Baylor) Bradley Beal - 6'5" SG (Florida) James McAdoo - 6'9" PF (North Carolina) That list is the top 7 players on Chad Ford's 2012 draft big board. The list goes on...and on...and on...with names that we will be salivating over come this time next year. A list that will be completely meaningless to us unless we retain our first round pick. To do that, we have to finish among the bottom 7 teams in the league.

Festus Ezeli

First Comment - takfasam - Feb 25, 2010 (indirect usage)

First Comment - PIRATEWARRIOR - Mar 31, 2011 (direct usage)

HEY what do you guys think of this guy??? Festus Ezeli

First FanShot - EvanZ - Apr 20, 2011

Jeff Taylor, Festus Ezeli Returning to School
Now even the fallbacks to our fallbacks are returning to school. Sigh.

First FanPost - DubsDominate - Mar 15, 2012

I am particualrly excited about Tony Mitchell. If we could add him, it would be an absolute gem of a pickup, and I would be a lot better with losing Udoh. Moultrie or Ezeli would be solid pickups as well.

Draymond Green

First Comment - J-RIDAH - Mar 9, 2010 (indirect)

First Comment - duballers - Mar 16, 2012 (direct, very direct!!!)

Well I'm excited about the offseason
Dream draft. First 1st rounder: Harrison Barnes, 2nd 1st rounder: Marquis Teague, first 2nd rounder: Festus Ezeli, second 2nd rounder: Draymond Green

Dang, you nailed it, dubs!

First FanShot - ROMESdavidWOOD37 - Mar 19, 2012

Just curious about what you GSoM heads thought about Draymond Green. Haven't watched much college hoops this year but I did catch Michigan St's game yesterday and I was thinking I wanted this guy on the Dubz but he's probably gonna be a top 7 pick. He scored 16 points. grabbed 13 boards. and dropped 6 dimes. I think he could do this on a consistent basis in the NBA. This guy should be a top pick right? But if not, think the Warrior steal this guy in the draft?

First FanPost - BayAreaGoon - Jun 3, 2012

Just for hell of, some random mocks of mine: (The no trade scenario) #7: Harrison Barnes 1st, Jared Sullinger 2nd #30: Draymond Green 1st, Festus Ezeli 2nd #35: Kevin Jones 1st, Drew Gordon 2nd #52: Scott Machado 1st, Kyle O'Quinn 2nd

Goonie, you also nailed it, sort of!

Admittedly, this was a silly little exercise, but it's fun to see where we've been and now where we're headed. Things are looking up for Warriors fans.