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2012 NBA Free Agency 101: Player Rankings & Salary Resources

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When the clock struck midnight EDT, the first day of 2012 NBA free agent negotiations began.

SB Nation already has a 2012 free agency storystream as well as Tom Ziller's rankings of the top 83 free agents (Warriors restricted free agent Brandon Rush is #41 & unrestricted free agent Nate Robinson is #58).

We'll have more specifics about the Warriors' needs throughout the week and you're free to consider this a free agency open thread, but first I offer you a few resources that might be helpful as we continue to discuss free agency.

2012 Free Agency Tracker

The NBA free agent tracker provides information about who's available, who has been signed, and the basic demographic information about each player. They also provide a free agent explainer for people who want a refresher on the difference between restricted and unrestricted free agents.

Storytellers Contracts

Storyteller has all the latest info, updates with every trade, updates in the summer with draft picks (already up) and salary cap holds, and has an archive going back a few years so you can not only see what your players do and will make, but what they made in the past. Color coding designates options and other assorted details. Every player is annotated as far as how they were acquired, whether the team has Bird Rights, what the qualifying offer will be if they're on rookie scale, etc. It's really one-stop shopping for these things.

Click here for an in-depth look at the Warriors' situation.

HoopsHype Depth Charts

I often refer to HoopsHype for depth charts by habit, so I'll include it here.

Zach Lowe's free agency rankings

Zach Lowe of has also ranked players by position. You can see those here:

Top point guards | Top small forwards | Top power forwards | Ranking the centers

Got more resources? Feel free to drop them in the comments in addition to discussing anything else about free agency.