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2012 NBA Free Agency: Golden State Warriors One Of Five Finalists For Brandon Roy

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Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reported yesterday that the Golden State Warriors are one of five finalists for former Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy.

Of course, the Warriors' "in" with Roy is that current GM Bob Myers was formerly his agent. But one thing Wojnarowski reported that might end up playing a significant role in Roy's ultimate decision is the length of his contract.

After leaving the NBA at the start of last season because of chronic knee problems, Roy has recovered after undergoing the platelet-rich plasma therapy procedure that Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant had in Germany last year. Some teams pursuing Roy privately say they’re willing to offer a contract for longer than one season, despite his knee issues, league sources said.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are reportedly the first team willing to offer Roy a contract longer than one season and were expected to make a two-year offer.

The question for the Warriors - who only have a MLE and arguably need depth in the post more than they need it on the wing - is whether they're willing to commit to yet another player whose performance-level will be uncertain this season due to a difficult injury history.

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