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Golden State Warriors Vs. Miami Heat: Notes On An Ugly Win In Las Vegas Summer League

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Welcome to Las Vegas Summer League Jeremy Tyler!

Tyler had one of his better games as a Golden State Warriors player during tonight's 65-62 win (box score) against the Miami Heat, but it was Harrison Barnes and Charles Jenkins who ended up playing the role of closers in the team's first competitive game down the stretch.

Unfortunately, although the Warriors' third game in Vegas was competitive and dramatic - which is always a nice experience for the young guys - their first game without Klay Thompson on the floor was not particularly pretty.

After the jump are a few of the notes I took as I watched the game, which can be summarized as such: the first quarter was just ugly, the second and third quarters featured a few nice plays from Tyler, and the fourth quarter is when Barnes finally asserted himself as a scorer after shooting 2-for-11 through the first three.

First quarter

Starters: Jenkins, Bazemore, Barnes, Tyler, Ezeli

  • Liked the first possession with Barnes backing down his man to get an assist to Bazemore.
  • Mildly disappointed to see Ezeli give up an o-board next possession.
  • On the next two offensive possessions, they gave it to Barnes in the post and he airballed two turnaround fadeaway jumpers, the first short from the middle of the key the second long from the left baseline.
  • Really liked his third shot - rocking his man backwards and stepping back to nail the long jumper.
  • Tyler gets a fast break layup! More points than fouls is already a better start. Nice spin move off the grab.
  • Barnes looks to be pressing right now - no need for the long two in transition with just under 7 minutes to go.
  • Some indescribably ugly play over the last two minutes or so.
  • Draymond to the rescue around the 4:40 mark. He promptly picked up his first foul a minute later, rotating over to prevent a layup. This seems to be a pattern.
  • Jenkins made two outstanding drives in a row to put the Warriors up 14-9 with just under 3 minutes left. He has been quiet early as they tried to get Barnes involved early, but he has been the most impressive offensive player thus far.
  • Barnes made two nice moves to the basket, but was able to finish them. The first was an up and under that was blocked and on the next he got fouled on a layup. The hangtime was impressive, but he couldn't get the shot in.
  • Ezeli took a nice pass in the paint from Jenkins in transition, but didn't seem to know where he was on the court to get a shot up. He kicked out the ball eventually made its way back to Jenkins for a long 2.
  • Ezeli got a nice post up and hook with under a minute left but just couldn't finish the play.
  • Barnes ended the quarter nicely - they gave Barnes the ball in a 1-4 flat set and Barnes went 1v1 vs #20 and calmly hit a nice pull-up jumper.
  • 18-16 at the end of 1

Second quarter

  • More sloppy play on offense early in the second, but Rakim Sanders came in and made a nice drive to the basket, made the shot, and drew the foul for the three point play.
  • Justin Burrell made a nice move in the middle of the key, finishing with a little jump hook.
  • Really sloppy play for the Warriors from about the 7 to 4 minute mark offensively right now with this second unit in.
  • Tyler took a baseline jumper, but twisted his body oddly and kicked his feet out. Seems to be a pattern for him; would like to see him set his feet and shoot on balance.
  • Harrison Barnes brought the ball upcourt with under four minutes left and just lost it trying to split a trap a few steps over halfcourt.
  • The Heat are picking up the defensive pressure here near the end of the half, trapping corners and collapsing on almost any drive. Jenkins tried to drive baseline and ran smack into a double and then turned it over after jumping and trying to find a man in the air.
  • Tyler made a nice move from the wing, driving and double pumping through two defenders to score and get the foul.
  • Although the offense isn't looking pretty at all right now, it's nice to see players going to the rim. Jenkins made another nice drive to draw contact with 1:28 left in the half.
  • Jenkins does it again, drawing contact, hanging in the air and getting a shot up to get himself to the line.
  • Barnes made a nice pass out of a trap to Ezeli with about 30 seconds left and Ezeli missed the shot.
  • First half field goal percentage: Warriors 32%, Heat 21 %. Score: Warriors 33, Heat 30. Ugly half of basketball all around.

Third quarter

  • Tyler, who appears to think he's a small forward, drove to the basket and looked like he was trying to dunk on someone from the middle of the key. He was blocked.
  • Tyler did get a nice putback on the next possession.
  • Tyler getting the ball and taking it aggressively early, making a nice spin on the baseline and finish on the short jumper under the nine minute guy.
  • Tyler with a huge dunk over Dexter Pittman driving baseline. Maybe he really is trying out for the small forward spot after all?
  • Tyler's next bucket was on a cut on an inbounds play.
  • But then we saw the downside of Tyler: again, he just sort of threw himself into traffic trying to figure out what to do in the air and failed to get off a shot as he was met by a cluster of Heat players.
  • Jenkins is really struggling against Norris Cole's pressure tonight. He turned the ball over with under two minutes left after slipping and being called for an over and back violation.
  • Draymond Green's fouled Gilder on a three point attempt.
  • Green made a great pass through traffic to Ezeli, but Ezeli couldn't convert in the paint.
  • It's tied at 45 at the end of three. Harrison Barnes is currently 2-for-11. Jeremy Tyler is leading the team with 12 points and 6 boards.

Fourth quarter

  • Dennis Scott keeps saying he didn't see Draymond Green shoot threes much at Michigan State. That doesn't necessarily reflect the facts.
  • The positive we can take from this game, if anything: it's the first really close one of summer league for the Warriors. Warriors are down 48-45 with 7:35 left.
  • Barnes missed another floater in the lane, but one positive thing to say about him: he has done a great job tonight of following his shot and tracking down loose balls on the misses.
  • The Warriors had a particularly disappointing shot clock violation with 6:27 left - Barnes had the ball on the right sideline and couldn't do anything with it. After picking up his dribble he got the ball to Jenkins with about 5 second left on the shot clock. Jenkins dribbled around and had the ball stripped as the clock ran out. Not the type of play you want to see from two guys that could potentially be contributors this season.
  • Barnes finally knocks down a jump shot from the right side. He has been great in transition and scramble situations throughout summer league.
  • Barnes looked like the was going to get an easy fast break dunk and got blocked from behind by Saunders.
  • Harrison Barnes hits a three to cap a 9-0 run for the Warriors. For what it's worth, both teams are playing great defense by summer league standards and neither offense has responded all that well.
  • Barnes drew a charge with 3:23 left simply because he headed into the paint indecisively and out of control.
  • Green picks up another bad foul with 2:44 left in the fourth - got tangled up with a player on an inbounds play and the Warriors turn it over. Norris Cole scores on the other end and it's 56-54 with under 3 minutes left.
  • Green misses a 3 with the Warriors up 56-54 with 2:04 left and the Heat score the other way. Tied at 56 with under 2 minutes.
  • After a Barnes missed fadeaway baseline jumper, Warriors defense forces another steal.
  • Jenkins made another nice play going to the basket with 51.5 seconds left and complete a three point play to put the Warriors up 59-56.
  • Someone blew the coverage on Harris. Tie game.
  • Barnes hits a long contested two from the right side to put the Warriors up 2 with under a minute left. Great to see Barnes knocking down some clutch shots in the fourth quarter.
  • The end of this game was so ugly that it's not worth discussing, but the Warriors won 65-62.