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Video: Golden State Warriors Introduce 2012 Rookies Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli, Draymond Green

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As expected there wasn't really much groundbreaking news during the Golden State Warriors' introductory press conference for their 2012 rookies, but on first impression with local media Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli, and Draymond Green all appear to be competitive, focused and hard-working guys.

And that's exactly what Warriors' GM Bob Myers indicated they were looking for in draft prospects.

"Winning, in my opinion - in our group's opinion - is a skill," said Myers. "These players all have that skill. It's a skill we need. So I'm thrilled."

Brief notes on the press conference:

  • Myers mentioned that he has known and represented guys as an agent who simply wouldn't go near a basketball court when they didn't have to. One thing that stood out about these guys as they evaluated the prospects available is that all three are extremely hard workers.
  • Ezeli and Green worked out together yesterday, focusing primarily on defense. Don't read into Barnes not being there though: he wasn't able to join because he got San Francisco Giants tickets yesterday.
  • This sounds so cheesy, but given Myers' statement about winning being a skill, Green sounds like a level-headed veteran presence who knows what it takes to win. Despite showing an array of skill at Michigan State, he said his immediate focus will be defense and rebounding. It's still too early to say how productive a NBA player he will be or how he'd fit in the rotation, but he just sounds like the type of blue collar workhorse that almost any team would like to have in the locker room/practice facility.
  • Barnes was diplomatic when asked whether he could challenge current Warriors guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson for the title of team's best shooter.
  • Barnes also noted that his middle name is "Jordan" and that his mother gave him that name because she is a Michael Jordan fan and wanted him to pursue excellence in life.
  • Festus Ezeli was asked about how he regards fellow Nigerian Hakeem Olajuwon and said that he didn't really learn much about his story until coming to the states - he wasn't much into basketball prior to that point because soccer football is the bigger sport there. But since learning more about Olajuwon's basketball career, he sees the legendary big man as someone to model his game after.