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Las Vegas Summer League Open Thread: Golden State Warriors Vs. Chicago Bulls Tonight At 5:30

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The Golden State Warriors face the Chicago Bulls in their penultimate Las Vegas Summer League game tonight at 5:30 p.m.

As described previously, the Bulls' roster features Bay Area product Leon Powe in addition to 2012 first round draft pick Marquis Teague and current Bulls forward Jimmy Butler.

You can watch the preview above for more on the matchup and see the full schedule (via SB Nation's NBA summer league storystream) after the jump.

1 p.m. -- New York Knicks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
3p.m. -- Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers
3:30 p.m. -- Memphis Grizzlies vs. Charlotte Bobcats
5p.m. -- Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs
5:30 p.m. -- Chicago Bulls vs. Golden State Warriors
7p.m. -- NBA D-League Select vs. Phoenix Suns
7:30 p.m. -- Dallas Mavericks vs. New Orleans Hornets

Today (and tomorrow) I'll actually be in Vegas to catch at least the Warriors' games, which should offer a bit of a different perspective on things than watching on NBA TV. Here are a few things I'll be looking for today:

  • Harrison Barnes' defensive effort: We've discussed Barnes' offensive game at length, but I'm looking forward to watching a little more of what he offers defensively in person today.
  • Festus Ezeli's offensive repertoire: In contrast to Barnes, we probably have a better idea of what Ezeli offers defensively than offensively at this point. Optimistically, he actually showed some glimmers of an offensive repertoire in looking for his own scoring opportunities more aggressively against Miami. More realistically, he went 0-for-5. Pessimistically, he might not become much of an offensive threat this season but these next two games are a good opportunity for him.
  • Charles Jenkins against pressure: Jenkins had five turnovers against Miami, which is probably not what you'd expect to see from a point guard who was in a NBA rotation last season (even if Miami is arguably the best defensive team in Las Vegas). And his turnovers came in a number of different situations: a poor pass, ball handling errors, and coughing up the ball against pressure. Thus far in summer league play he has 8 assists to 13 turnovers. Hopefully he can improve upon that ratio this weekend.
  • Maalik Wayns available: Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Wayns will finally be available today. I have been waiting for this guy to see some game action with the Warriors all summer league and it will be great to see how he stacks up against the likes of Marquis Teague and Austin Rivers (tomorrow's opponent), particularly given some of Jenkins' inconsistent play as a distributor. There's almost no likelihood of Wayns sticking with the Warriors' roster given that they just added Jarrett Jack, but it will be interesting to see how he compares to some of the other young point guards nonetheless.
  • Can Jeremy Tyler continue playing inspired basketball? Really, there's one thing that would be nice to see from Tyler, despite a few acrobatic moves on Wednesday: playing under control. He clearly has the athleticism to do some things on the court, but little things like shooting on balance, patience with the ball, and second moves aren't exactly strengths for the second-year big man.

For a look at the complete Warriors' roster, click here (reminder: Chris Wright defected to Toronto and Klay Thompson has been shut down for the summer). For updates on all the day's summer league action, check out SB Nation's NBA summer league storystream.