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Wojnarowski: Golden State Warriors To Sign Draymond Green To 3-Year, $2.6 Million Deal

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Marcus Thompson II previously reported that the Golden State Warriors would likely sign rookie forward Draymond Green after settling deals with their final free agents.

As free agent signings with Carl Landry and Brandon Rush near completion, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has tweeted that the Warriors have now reached an agreement with Green. Thompson added via Sulia that this will likely end the Warriors' offseason activity.

It may still be difficult to know what Green might offer the Warriors right away after summer league play, but what I expect we'll all come to appreciate is his basketball IQ and work ethic, as described previously in our Q&A with Patrick Hayes of

Intangibly, he's one of the most driven, hardest working players I've ever followed. At MSU, he lost a lot of weight, he re-invented himself by adding a significant perimeter game and he became a star largely on the strength of how much he loves the game and how hard he worked to give himself the opportunity to play professionally. He'll continue to do that as a NBA player and Golden State fans will really enjoy that.

That the Warriors have committed to him for three years is an encouraging sign for how much they believe in him and that they're probably interested in helping him develop into a contributor on this team even as people have typically focused on his limitations.

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