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Quick Poll: Which Young Warrior Starts the Season on the Active Roster?

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As it now looks like Rush and Landry are about to be signed, the team is rounding into place. The last bit of intrigue, as far as I'm concerned, surrounds the fact that we have 15 players for 13 spots on the active roster. I think everyone will agree that the 3 guys fighting for that last spot are recently signed Kent Bazemore, and last year's second round picks Charles Jenkins and Jeremy Tyler.


If you're curious about the math, here are the 12 we should expect to be on the active roster on Opening Night:

  1. Stephen Curry
  2. Klay Thompson
  3. Harrison Barnes
  4. David Lee
  5. Andrew Bogut
  6. Jarret Jack
  7. Carl Landry
  8. Brandon Rush
  9. Richard Jefferson
  10. Festus Ezeli
  11. Andris Biedrins
  12. Draymond Green