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2012 Orlando Pro Summer League: Notes On Maalik Wayns' Summer League Opener

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The Golden State Warriors don't begin summer league until this weekend in Las Vegas, but one member of their summer league roster got started today.

6'1" guard Maalik Wayns out of Villanova is playing with the Orlando Magic in the Orlando Pro Summer League this week before heading west to get in some run with the Warriors. In a Warriors-related coincidence, Wayns took the reigns as the Magic's starter at point guard after former Warrior Ish Smith apparently got a call from Houston about signing with them.

That offered Wayns plenty of opportunity to show off what he can do and he was increasingly impressive as the game wore on.

Some quarter-by-quarter notes on Wayns as a preview of what he might offer the Warriors in Vegas follow the jump.

First Quarter:

  • About mid-way through the first quarter, Wayns was matched up against 6-foot-4 Tyshawn Taylor, who was drafted in the second round (41st overall by Portland) and traded to the Nets. One of the things that immediately stood out was that Wayns seemed to struggle to get by Taylor in the early phases of the game. Taylor was touted as a strong defender at Kansas and his length and quickness seemed to bother Wayns into over-dribbling and a few forced plays in halfcourt sets.
  • The first defensive thing that stood out about Wayns was getting beat by Taylor on a give and go - Taylor made a pass to the short corner and Wayns simply lost sight of him.
  • But Wayns was very nice in transition, finding Kyle O'Quinn on consecutive possessions on the break. On the first, O'Quinn was blocked and he converted the second.

Second Quarter:

  • For what it's worth, Kevin Anderson finished out the first quarter and began the second and there was a bit of a contrast between the two. While Wayns was able to shine a bit in transition, Anderson looked like more a pure point guard, racing the ball up the floor, being decisive, and acting early without over-dribbling. Not that Anderson was a perfect player by any means, but o
  • Wayns returned to the game with about 7:32 left in the second quarter and made another play almost right away - taking a contested three and getting bailed out on
  • Rich Kamla mentioned that Wayns was very good in the pick & roll and we started to see that with just over five minutes left in the first half with Wayns looking more comfortable making plays against a set defense. Wayns recorded assists on three consecutive possessions, working a high screen nicely to get to the basket and set up O'Quinn again for a dunk in the middle.
  • Wayns continued to show off his skill in transition getting to the rim and drawing a foul. At this point, Wayns had 6 assists and no turnovers.
  • Wayns' first turnover came shortly thereafter with Taylor guarding him again. It was supposed to be a pick and roll from the wing with Andrew Nicholson setting a poor pick that led to Wayns being trapped in the corner. With nowhere to go, Wayns threw the ball into traffic where Nicholson would've been if he had rolled instead of popping out for the jumper.
  • Wayns continued to look solid in the high pick and roll, reading it nicely to get to the basket again but forcing a contested runner from the right hand side.
  • Wayns finished the half with 7 assists and just one turnover.

Third quarter

  • One thing that was noticeable off the bat in the second half was that Wayns looked much more patient in half court sets, even with Taylor guarding him. He came down calmly and set up Nicholson for a baseline jumper and then made a nice entry pass to Nicholson after dribbling right to left at the top of the key.
  • Wayns scored his first field goal in transition off a pass from DeAndre Liggins.
  • Then Wayns just started dropping dimes - first Nicholson flashed through the paint and Wayns flung a one-handed bounce pass to him for a dunk. On the next play, Wayns got a steal at the top of the arc, led the break, and flipped a pass over his right shoulder to Kyle O'Quinn who made the quick pass to Liggins for the finish. Very nice seeing Wayns getting more comfortable.
  • Wayns sat the remainder of the third while Anderson got some run.

Fourth quarter

  • Wayns' second turnover came in the early in the fourth while trying to squeeze the ball through a hole off a drive in traffic.
  • Next, Wayns got called for a charge on a wild drive and layup attempt.
  • Just after saying Wayns looked more comfortable in the third quarter, he appeared to be forcing things early on in the fourth. He again tried to squeeze a one-handed entry pass into a tight spot and although it didn't result in a turnover, it was low and tough for Nicholson to catch.
  • Wayns' best offensive move probably came with just under five minutes left in the game on a drive and finger roll at the rim in traffic.
  • Wayns really struggled to guard Tyshawn Taylor once he got going a bit in the fourth quarter. Taylor was able to draw a foul on one possession after Wayns drifted too far away in help and ran back at him out of control. Then Taylor hit a three in transition with Wayns back at the free throw line daring him to shoot. Challenging Taylor to shoot is certainly not the worst thing a point guard an do in transition, but those ended up being two costly defensive plays as the Nets completed a comeback to tie the game with under a minute left.
  • Wayns can hit pressure free throws! He hit two big ones to put the Magic up by 3 late in the game.

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