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Golden State Warriors Draftee Festus Ezeli On The Best Advice He Received About The NBA

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Daniel Marks of Dime Magazine recently interviewed Golden State Warriors first round draft pick Festus Ezeli and posted a Q&A today.

He asked a wide range of questions from how he improved during his college career to how he trained prior to the weirdest interview question he received during the pre-draft process.

I was talking to some executives from Orlando and they were telling me that the best advice to give someone who wants to be in the League for a long time is knowing your role. A lot of guys are out of the NBA not because they aren’t talented enough but because they don’t buy into their role and try to do too much which makes them look like a worse player. So they said to do what you do best and do it well all the time and you will be successful. I’m looking forward to doing just that.

Ezeli has a pretty obvious role with the Warriors: defense & rebounding. He'll be a successful rookie to the extent that he can do those things.

But the real question on GSoM'ers minds wasn't asked: what's his preferred nickname?