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Update On SBN NBA 3-on-3 Tournament: Re-Vote & Rules Clarification

Unfortunately, we will likely have only one member of this dynamic trio on our Golden State Warriors 3 on 3 team.<em> Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images.</em>
Unfortunately, we will likely have only one member of this dynamic trio on our Golden State Warriors 3 on 3 team. Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images.
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It looks like the decision on who GSoM selects as its 3-on-3 team in the SBN tournament is coming down to two combinations:

  • The one we "officially" voted on: Andrew Bogut, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson
  • And one that was not previously an option, but came up in the comments: Andrew Bogut, David Lee, Klay Thompson.

I think the arguments made justify a re-vote, but it also led me to actually go read the rules, which might have some bearing on our decision.

The official rules of FIBA's 3x3 tournament call for 1 and 2 point baskets in a halfcourt situation, which would obviously mean that shots from beyond the "3-point line" are worth twice shots inside the arc; that would seriously change the equation of value for our shooters.

But for the sake of this mock tournament, we're adapting the rules network-wide as follows:

Games are one 10 minute period -- team ahead at the end of 10 minutes wins;

UNLESS a team reaches 31, in which case that team wins (FIBA rules state 21, but that was with 1 and 2 pointers);

7 fouls results in the bonus situation;

You can't foul out (since we didn't allow subs);

12 second shot clock.
So this obviously does still make 3-pointers a bit more valuable because with a point ceiling, it means that the team that can get to 31 quicker has an edge.

But it doesn't necessarily negate the fact that size matters, both offensively and defensively - it's hard to score against a set defense of, say, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard when they're set in a half court situation and there's no opportunity to score in transition. It's hard to defend in space without help against a bigger player.

So without further ado, your two updated options are below - vote based not on what we know from a 5v5 situation but how players and units might perform given these specific 3v3 circumstances.

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