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Who is the Golden State Warriors' Biggest Rival?

SB Nation's next theme day (tomorrow) is "Rivalry Day", in which SB Nation - NBA sites will discuss their team's biggest rivals.

The challenge in finding a rival for a team like the Golden State Warriors is that it hasn't been a particularly successful franchise over the last two decades - we, as Warriors fans, may dislike a given team but a rivalry has to be mutual. And it's hard for a rivalry to be mutual if one side is winning on most occasions.

I have my ideas about who the Warriors' biggest rival is, but as usual I always find it interesting to survey the community before we take an official GSoM position and there was a suggestion that we split rivals into divisional, conference, and Eastern rivals.

So to figure out the Warriors' biggest rival, we'll begin with three questions:

  • Who is the Warriors' biggest division rival?
  • Who is the Warriors' biggest conference rival?
  • Who is the Warriors' biggest Eastern Conference rival?

Leave your thoughts in the comments and we'll narrow down a few sometime before tomorrow.

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