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SB Nation United Coming Soon: A Preview Of Three Changes To GSoM

The new GSoM logo that will be released with SBN United.
The new GSoM logo that will be released with SBN United.

As we described a few weeks ago along with the release of our logo, there are some major changes coming around here soon with the rollout of SB Nation United.

We're still in beta testing and don't have a specific date for the change just yet, but the GSoM crew has had a chance to play around with some of the new features and are excited about the possibilities for improving the way we present content and interact around here.

Although you might have already have seen some of the major features described on other SBN sites, we wanted to share our thinking about how the changes will affect the GSoM community specifically.

1. Site layout

The very first change you'll see when you come to the site will be right at the top - we'll have a "cover" at the top of the site to highlight the top story.

We'll probably start by placing one story at the top, but here's an example of what sites will look like with three stories on the "cover":

A "cover" with three stories.

So just as example of what type of content we might have on the cover, on the day after a game you might see an article with Synergy stats in the first slot (left), a recap of the previous game in the second slot (top right) and maybe a recap from our "blog buddy" in the third slot.

But there will be another twist in how content is organized as well.

2. Storystreams

You might be familiar with storystreams from reading regional sites at the network like SBN Bay Area, but with SBN United every site will have the ability to use that form of content management.

Perhaps the most prominent way that we'll be using storystreams is for our game day coverage: the storystream will make it easier to find our previews, game threads, links, and post game recaps in one place, just as you might have seen elsewhere on the network now.


3. Fan posts/shots

We know there's an active fan post/shot section at GSoM and that will still be around with the rollout of SBN United. Those sections will just be located in different places and look different.

You'll still be able to find those sections along the side(s) of the site, but there will also be a new way to navigate fan posts/shots through their own separate section pages that should be easier to navigate than they are now.


There will be some other changes as well that we will describe in more detail after the rollout of these feature changes, but we definitely wanted to give you a general idea of what things will look like around here so you're not too caught off guard.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions you have in the comments below and let us know what you think about the changes.

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