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Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs Preview

This stretch of the season isn't getting any easier for our Golden State Warriors. Back to back losses against the Nuggets and Heat… Our Warriors find themselves in San Antonio tonight to take on a winning Spurs team poised to bring yet another victory at home. It's been a tough schedule to say the least but hey, it could be worse. We're 23-14 and not 14-23! Dubs vs Spurs is going down!

We're gonna need this 1-man WCW in San Antonio tonight!
We're gonna need this 1-man WCW in San Antonio tonight!
Tip-off: 5:30pm PT
Where: AT&T Arena
TV: NBA TV/CSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680
Blog Buddy: Pounding the Rock

At this part of the season, we're in for somewhat of a losing streak if we don't make adjustments with what we have right now. Winning in San Antonio is going to be a huge long shot since the last time we actually won there was back in 1997.

Here's some interesting facts for tonight's match up:

The last Warriors road game won in San Antonio: 108-94 victory on Valentines Day, 1997.

Spurs plan to protect their house gunning for their 14th consecutive home win of the season. (17-2 at home)

It's uncertain when Curry will return after injuring his right ankle. Jarrett Jack has the honors of starting again incase Curry is unable to play today.

The Spurs are on fire right now with a 30-11 so an optimistic win on our end is very slim. After these last 2 losses, my concerns been on Curry and his expected return. For tonight's game, we're gonna need everyone on their A-game to keep it close or face a huge blow out.

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