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Spurs continue home streak, down Warriors in second half

Golden State has a good first half, but can't keep it going in the third quarter.

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Coming into the game, San Antonio was ranked 3rd in the Western conference, at 30-11, five games ahead of Golden State. While Stephen Curry was out again for the Warriors, the Spurs were without Manu Ginobolli.

Klay Thompson hit's a couple of threes, leading to 8 points in the first 6 minutes for him, Dubs lead 12-8. Spurs have been going to Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter in the set offense. After 1, Duncan has 10 to match Klay's 10. Landry was effective early, with 6 points in the first. Bazemore came in for Klay and played the last 3 of the first and started the second. The Ezeli/Landry/Green/Baze/Jenkins lineup maintained the lead at 7 (8:20 second) Between then and 2:43 was the Landry show, with him pushing is points to 15 on 7-10 shooting. Ws lead 41-36, leading on the boards 23-20. Spurs almost catch up, and enter halftime down 1 at 47-46. Warriors with more rebounds and more shots, same number of turnovers (5 each). Spurs 2-12 from 3.

Halftime excitement as it is discovered that one of the baskets is off-center, and the game is delayed to fix replace the rim. Back and forth at 67 with 3:30. Parker heats up and the spurs take a 5 point lead at the end of the third quarter, after building it up to 8. Total rebounds are even after 3.

Klay hits a 3 and brings the Dubs within 2 at 82-80 with 7:39 to go in the game. Klay ties at 6:49. It's downhill from there as the Warriors run out of gas and can't make stops.


It's a strange game when Harrison Barnes is outscored by Draymond Green - but out-rebounds him. Up until the last part of the fourth, Green had taken more shots than Barnes, though they both ended up with 5 shots.

A Jarrett Jack 20-10 looks a lot different than a Stephen Curry 20-10, and that relates to the oddity of shots taken by Green and Barnes. Over the last 10 games, Harrison has 9 assists from Currry, 7 from David Lee, and six from Klay Thompson. He's had the same number from Festus Ezeli as from Jack: three. While some of that is due to less time on the floor for the Barnes-Jack combination, it also seems to be true that Jack doesn't find Barnes with the same frequency the starters do.

Three players had positive floor time - Ezeli, Biedrins, and Bazemore. Bazemore played over 6 minutes - all in the first half, and had 4 rebounds. Biedrins played 1 minute in the second half (5 in the first), and Ezeli played 11 in the first half and 6:37 in the second. With a total of 4 fouls among them, there was little reason to not give them more minutes. Particularly in the last part of the third quarter, the Dubs could have used a bit more size and defense on the court.

Despite the result of this one, it's not the same old Warriors story. From some of the comments, you would think this team is contending for the lottery, and not for a mid-level playoff seed. Keep calm, because it will continue to be a rocky ride - and it should wind up with a decent playoff position.


Despite my comments above, Jarrett Jack had a decent game for the Dubs. 20 points on 9-17 shooting, 10 assists, 2 rebounds and only 1 turnover. It's the best game 2Jz has had in a while, even if it was in a losing cause.


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